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Internal Assessment 


  • Internal Assessment: The Internal Assessment (IA) includes marks for the Assignments, Practical Examinations and the Final Semester Projects & Viva voce unless otherwise specified. The students have to complete their IA requirements as per the norms prescribed for the purpose at the respective Authorised Centres on or before the due date(s).
  • All the records related to IA including IA report must be maintained at the Authorised Centre at least for a period of 1 year after the declaration of the results and the same must be made available to the University or its representative as and when demanded.
  • In all the following cases, the IA marks will be considered as disproportionate or arbitrary:
    • Same or equal IA Marks to all students for a given paper
    • IA Marks which are equal to the maximum marks
    • IA marks more than the maximum marks
    • Wide variation between IA marks and University Examination (UE) marks in a particular paper. The variation between the IA Marks and the UE Marks should not be more than 30%.
  • The University reserves the right to reassess or moderate the IA marks in such cases. Further, the University may ask the Authorised Centre to submit all IA related documents for an independent assessment by a panel of experts. The submission of IA Marks by the Authorised Centre is only through IA ONLINE TOOL 

Complete Grading System has to include Program wise here

  1. Grading system of Pro Degree will be same as Information Technology, Management & Commerce
  2. Grading system of MSc BT will be same as BSc BT, MSc BI, MBAHCS, MSc CRRA, PGDHSM
  3. Little information has to include on Examination Results, Award of Degree, Right to Amend Rules and Jurisdiction 

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