The SMU-DE Way

Redefining Learning – The SMU-DE way
SMU-DE has created a powerful model for teaching and learning. Our University provides distance education to hundreds of students across the country, pursuing graduate and post-graduate programmes across several disciplines.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our distance education programmes and providing a learning experience and quality of instruction that will eventually be superior to traditional campus based programmes. Our distance learning experience blends flexibility and convenience from the learner’s perspective with academic rigour. We call this learning experience “The SMU-DE Way”.

The SMU-DE Way is learner centric and puts the student at the core of an experience that combines four distinct learning delivery systems:

  1. Self Learning: High-quality self-learning material made available to the student in printed books and in a digital format made available online.
  2. Counseling at Authorised Centres (ACs): Face-to-Face instruction at our ACs located across the country.
  3. EduNxt: Manipal Education has launched the next generation learning system - EduNxt - a new technology infused Learning System that will transform Distributed Learning in India. Affordable and easy to use, EduNxt enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes small group mentoring, virtual classrooms, simulation and other interactive content, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing.

    This innovation from Manipal Education thus shifts the education paradigm from ‘faculty-centric’ to ‘learner-centric’. EduNxt empowers students with anywhere, anytime access. Students will now experience a ‘portable campus’, ‘carry along mentors’ and will have access to over one million online books and journals – all at their fingertips.

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