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What is the procedure to take admission?

What do you mean by distance education?

Are the original documents to be dispatched to the University along with the application form for admission?

To obtain admission under Distance Education programs of the University, do I need to go through an entrance examination?

How Do I pay the Fresh Admission fee?

How do I check my Application status? (Pending / Provisional/ Rejected/ Approved/ Eligible for Admission)

What is meant by Eligible for admission status?

When will my forms under Eligible for admission category get approved?

What is payment mode to pay the shortage of fee for fresh admission?

Where can I collect the books and ID card after taking admission?

Can I send the scan copy of pending documents?

Who can attest the documents and how it should be?

When the Pending Status will be cleared?

What happens to the form, if the pending documents are not submitted to the University?

Where I can check the reason for Pending/ Provisional admission status?

What is the time period I will get to submit the Pending documents of Provisional Admission case?

What is the last date to submit the provisional documents?

I have already dispatched the documents, but the admission is still under provisional admission status.

When the refund will be processed for Rejected Applications?

What is the mode of Rejection refund?

Whether rejection refund can be processed in any name?

Whether excess amount paid during admission will be refunded?

What is the process of refund for incomplete online processed applications?

Whether incomplete online processed applications can be considered for next immediate session?

Whether change of program after approval of admission is possible?

Whether cancellation of admission is possible?