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Rakesh Uba

My career was transformed in a span of 2 years! The vast experience of the teaching staff was a big plus.

My career was transformed in a span of 2 years! The vast experience of the teaching staff was a big plus.

Rakesh Uba My career was transformed in a span of 2 years! The vast experience of the teaching staff was a big plus. When: — Where: Category:

A story of success

Pass Out Year: 2009
Current Organization: Border Security Force
Current Designation: Addl. Superintendent in Central Police Organisation


Being in the Forces always fascinated me since childhood. I loved the colour of the uniform, the drill and the thought of having soldiers under me. In 1987, I qualified for the post of Sub inspector in Border Security Force. I had troops reporting to me and it was our job to prepare ourselves to defend the nation. My dream seemed fulfilled. Need for people skills in the Defence Forces. As I gained experience and started getting promotions, responsibilities increased. Despite the briefings, seminars etc., dealing with modern age troops was becoming a challenge.

I felt a strong need to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of Human Resources to better manage my people. It was necessary for me to sharpen the people skills of my troops and to maintain cordial social relations with the nearby population in North Bengal (near the Bangladesh border). That’s where we were posted. Coming to my rescue was Sh.

Kanchan Lala, Centre-in-Charge of SMU-DE. He not only helped me to get admission at SMU but also gave the necessary confidence to take up reading the course material during my spare time. It was like reading a big story book. The course curriculum was mind blowing. Within the first semester I was able to find solutions to my problems. Dealing with situations became much easier. The vacuum in my professional life was being filled with knowledge. I was able to better cope with the changing environment and other work related challenges. Distance education thru SMU made study easy. As I could not attend regular classes with my work commitments, I took the help of Sh. Kanchan for guidance. My study in management included human resources, crisis management, infrastructure management, strategic management and many other aspects that significantly sorted out my command and leader problem. Within a few of months I was able to take initiatives in my field by applying new appraisal methods. Having theoretical knowledge I was able to bring out the best in my troops.

I was able to convert the most undisciplined lot to the most disciplined. Till today I use my books as reference material. My colleagues are amazed that I decided to study after a gap of 20 years. After completing my MBA in HR I also completed MS in Psychology and Counseling through distance studies in 2010. Now I am planning to undergo Safety and Security Management training. There really is no limit to studying! According to me, while growing in one’s career one must learn to keep learning.

I am sincerely thankful to the team of SMU-DE, who not only contributed in shaping careers but in shaping lives too!


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