BBA - Modern Retail Management Process & Retail Services Syllabus


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BBA - Modern Retail Management Process & Retail Services SYLLABUS

Course Code: BBR601

Course Title: Modern Retail Management Process & Retail Services (4 Credits)


Course Contents




Modern Retail Management: Retail Development, Theories of Retail Development, Retail Development in India, Current Retail Scenario in India, Overview of Different Sectors of Retailing in India , Growth Factors of Retailing in India, Role of Retail in Indian Economy, Retailing in Rural India, Retailing in India Vs. Retailing in Other Countries


International Retailing: International Retailers- Explanations of Internationalisation- Market Selection and Growth Stages of Internationalisation, International Opportunities, Market Entry Strategies- Factors Determining Choice of Entry Methods- Standardisation versus Adaption Strategies- Problems for New entrants, Internationalisation Process, Retail Structures, Issues in Implementing International Strategies, List of Leading International Retailers


Multichannel Retailing and Ownership Structures in Retail: Key Features of New Technology Retail Formats, Concept of Multichannel Retailing, Classification of Retailers based on Ownership Structure


Retail Competition: Define Retail Competition, Internal Resources and Competitive Advantage, Strategic Choice, Strategic Directions, Selection of Organisation specific Strategy


Retail Customers : Retail Customers, Retailing and Consumption, Changes in Customers- Demographics- Lifestyle- Consumer Buying Process- Shopping Behaviour, Retail Outlet Choice, Retail Segmentation


Retail Strategy: Define Strategy, Strategy: Retail Perspective, Process of Retail Strategy- Define Mission of Organization- Conduct Situation Analysis- Determine Alternative Strategy- Establish Objectives- Obtain and Allocation of Resources- Prepare Strategic Plan- Implement the Strategy, Expansion Strategy


Retail Branding: Understanding Retail Branding, Branding Principles, Dimensions to Review Brands, Retail Promotion and Branding, Dimensions of Promotion Mix, Advertising, Types of Advertising, Media Selection, Sales Promotions, Personal Selling, Publicity, Measuring Retailer Brand Equity


Retail Franchising: Define Franchising, Franchising in India, Franchising as a Retail Strategy, Retailing and Vertical Marketing System, Pros and Cons of Franchising , Modes of Franchising, Preparing for Franchising, Evaluating a Franchise, Financial and Legal Aspects of Franchise, Managing Franchise Relationship


FDI in the Indian Retail sector: Growth of Organised Retailing and Expansion of Retailers, Organised Retailing and Expansion of Retailers, FDI in Retailing and its Impact, FDI in Indian Retailing


Retail Services: Retail Services, Product-Related Services, Convenience-Related Services, Payment Services, Retail Service and Specialty Products, Retail Service and Durable Product Categories


Customer Relationship Management: Concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Role of Competition in CRM, Role of IT in CRM, CRM Software, Benefits of CRM, Pitfalls of CRM Programs, CRM's Return on Investment (ROI), Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC)


Information Technology in Retail: Usage of information technology, Factors affecting the use of information technology, Information Technology in Retail, Flow of Information, Data Warehousing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Data Security, RFID, More Information to Evaluate Merchandise, Database Marketing, Use of IT in Finding Store Location, Enterprise Resource Planning, Mobile Retail & Digital Wallets



Internet Retailing: Internet Retailing, 10 Things that You Need on Your Website to Ensure Online Retail Success, Role of Shopping: Social Connectivity Is Primary, Shopping Styles and Attitudes of Teens, Shopping Styles and Attitudes of Boomers, Suggestions to Retailers to Connect Better


Retailing for Children: Retailing for Babies, Major Players in Various Categories, Driving Forces for Children in Retailing, Retailing for Children: Scopes and Future Prospects


Ethical and Legal Aspects of Retailing: Meaning of Business Ethics, Ethical Aspects in Retailing, Green Retailing, Meaning of Social Responsibility, Legal Aspects of Retailing