MBA - Management and Organisational Development


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MBA - Management and Organisational Development SYLLABUS

Course Code: MU0011

Course Title: Management and Organisational Development (4 Credits)



Course Contents

Unit 1

Organisational development- An introduction: Organisational Development – Meaning and Definition, History of OD, Relevance of Organisational Development for Managers, Characteristics of OD, Assumptions of OD

Unit 2

Change Process and Models: Organisational Change, Strategies for Change, Theories of Planned Change (Lewin’s change model, Action research model, the positive model), Action Research as a Process, Resistance to Change

Unit 3

Role of OD Practitioner: OD Practitioner, Role of OD Professional in Organisations, Competencies Required for an OD Professional, Scope of the Role of an OD Professional

Unit 4

Process of OD: Process of OD, Components of OD program, OD program phases, Making an Entry, Developing Contract, Launch, Situational Evaluation, Closure

Unit 5

Designing Interventions: OD Interventions, Characteristics of OD Interventions, Levels of Diagnosis in Organisations, OD Map, Factors Affecting Success of Interventions

Unit 6

Values and Ethics in OD: Professional Values, Value Conflict and Dilemma, OD Values and Changing Themes over Time, Ethics in OD, Ethical Dilemmas in Practicing OD, Factors that Influence Ethical Judgement

Unit 7

Human Process Interventions: Introduction, Team Development Interventions, Interpersonal Development Interventions

Unit 8

Human Resource Interventions: HRM Interventions, Goal Setting, Performance Appraisal, Reward Systems, Career Planning and Development, Managing Workforce Diversity, Employee Wellness

Unit 9

Structural Interventions: Socio-Technical Systems, Techno-Structural Interventions, Physical Settings and OD, Types of Techno-Structural Interventions


Unit 10

Strategic Interventions: Integrated Strategic Change, Trans-organisation Development, Merger and Acquisition Integration, Culture Change, Self-Designing Organisations, Organisation Learning and Knowledge Management, Confrontation Meetings, System 4 Management, Learning Organisations

Unit 11

Technology and OD: Technology & OD: Basic Concept, Impact of Technology in Organisations, Benefits of Using Technology in OD, Guidelines for Integrating Technology in OD Interventions, Tools used in OD

Unit 12

Issues Faced in OD: Introduction, Issues Related to Client Relationships, Power, Politics and Organisational Development

Unit 13


Evaluating OD Interventions: Evaluation, Importance of Evaluating Interventions, Types of Evaluation, Methods of Evaluating Interventions

Unit 14

Organisational Learning: Learning Organisation, Senge’s Approach Nonaka & Takeuchi’s Approach, Executive View on Organisational Learning, Reality Checklist, Seven Steps of Initiating Organisational Learning

Unit 15

Future of OD: Organisational Development and Globalization, Emerging Trends in OD - Expanding the use of OD, Combining traditional “hard” business competencies and OD, Creating whole system change, Using OD to facilitate partnerships and alliances, Enhancing constant learning, Trends within the Organisation


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