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Evaluation Procedure


The University conducts two examinations at the end of each semester in a year. Examinations are conducted during the months of January-February and July-August.


Students can appear in the examinations either for specific subjects or for whole programs provided that the minimum period of study prescribed for the relevant program has not elapsed.


SMU-DE has created a powerful model for teaching and evaluation. Our University provides distance education to thousands of students  pursuing graduate and post-graduate programs of Management and IT disciplines.


We are committed to improving the quality of our distance education programs. We also aim to provide a learning experience that is superior to traditional campus-based programs. Our main focus is to evaluate the students performance through a robust system. Our distance learning experience comes with flexibility and convenience along with academic rigour.


Students are expected to complete and submit internal assessments on a regular basis, which aid in better understanding of subject modules.

Internal Assessment

The assignments form a part of continuous evaluation and internal assessment (IA) marks will be awarded based on the assignments assessed by the University. The assignments are designed to encourage the students to develop the habit of continuous study of the subject throughout the semester.


All assignments will be assessed by the University central pool of faculties which includes the approved academic counsellors. Student must submit one assignment in each subject to the University. The assignment questions will be uploaded for each student at edunxt.smude.edu.in.


Assignments have to be completed by the students as per the norms prescribed by the University on or before the due date/s. The dates for the submission of the assignments will be decided by the University and the same will made available in the EDUNXTTM.


The assignments can be typed/handwritten and should be uploaded in EDUNXTTM portal only. The handwritten assignment should be scanned and converted to PDF format. Specimen formats of the assignment & user manual for the same is available in the student login of EDUNXTTM.


Students should ensure that they answer all questions according to the marks allocated (not more than 400 words for a 10-mark question and not more than 200 words for a five-mark question). The total page limit shall not exceed 12 pages of A-4 size. Students are advised to check their assignments thoroughly before uploading the same, as ONLY ONE submission will be considered and multiple submissions are not allowed.


Content that has been directly copied from the Internet or assignments that have been copied and shared among students will be automatically rejected without any intimation.

Project/Practical Examinations

Industry-related projects involve students to work in an industry of their choice to gain relevant work experience in their field of interest. 



The project/practical examinations will be conducted with university-approved examiners and schedule. The evaluation of practical examinations as well as the Final Semester Project/Internship shall be a part of the university examination. Examinations will be conducted by the student evaluation department as per the rules and guidelines issued in this regard by the university and will be evaluated by the external examiners appointed by the university. For further details, students can refer to the examination regulations available on our website.

Term End Examination

The University conducts semester-wise examinations as prescribed by the UGC. The Term-end Examinations (TEE) for students are conducted at their respective Learner Support Centres after completion of the minimum period of study prescribed for the relevant program. Students may appear in the examinations provided that the maximum period of study prescribed for the relevant program has not elapsed.


Electronically-generated admit cards are issued to all eligible students appearing for the examination. 


The Term-end question paper pattern consists of descriptive as well as objective-type questions. Students may refer to respective program guides for details.


Assessment is based upon continuous evaluation through assignments and term end examinations. The assessment ratio for University Term-end Examinations (TEE) to Internal Assessment (IA) is 70:30. The IA is based on assignments stipulated by the University. Student is declared as pass in a subject if He/She scores 40% in Internal Assessment(IA) and term end examination (TEE) individually.

Results And Certification

The performance of our students is assessed based on continuous evaluation through assignments (IA) and term-end examinations (TEE) for each subject. The assessment ratios for TEE (Term End Examinations) to Internal Assessment (IA) is 70:30 for theory subjects and 30:70 for practical subjects.


A student must score at least 40% in each of IA and TEE to be declared as having passed the subject. The results will be published on our website.


Semester wise E- Marks cards will be made available for students at edunxt.smude.edu.in within 30 days of the announcement of results.


Students who have successfully completed all the semesters of their Program will receive their Consolidated Marks Card (CMC) and degree certificate within 3 months of result declaration on their registered postal address.