Award of Degree

Award of Degree

I authorize SMU-DE representative to contact me. This will override registry on DND/ NDNC.


The performance of our students is assessed based on continuous evaluation through assignments (IA) and term-end examinations (TEE) for each subject. The assessment ratios for TEE (Term End Examinations) to Internal Assessment (IA) is 70:30 for theory subjects and 30:70 for practical subjects.


A student must score at least 40% in each of IA and TEE to be declared as having passed the subject. The results will be published on our website.


Marks cards of all students for every semester of a given examination will be issued and they will be sent directly to the University within 30 days of the announcement of results.


Students who have successfully completed all the semesters of their Program will receive their Consolidated Marks Card (CMC) at the end of the program within two months of the declaration of their results.


Students will be awarded with the Degree after successfully passing all the required subjects under the program. Under normal circumstances, Degree certificates will be issued within three months of results declaration.