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Online Learning

SMU-DE: Leading the way with online learning

SMU-DE has made giant strides in the field of distance education by ensuring that personalised and engaging courses are available to professionals with multiple learning needs. EduNxt™, SMU-DE's technology-enabled learning platform, was launched in May 2009 by Steve Balmer, CEO Microsoft Corp., USA.  Since its inception, EduNxt™ has been bringing online learning to all the distance education students of SMU-DE by providing them quality education through modern technology.

EduNxt™ has helped develop a sense of togetherness among the growing student community of SMU-DE. The technology-induced learning platform has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award in 2011 reflecting it’s continuous commitment to innovation in the technology-driven market.

Three-Fold Advantage of Online Learning with EduNxt

  • Anytime-anywhere learning - 24x7 access
  • Platform-agnostic learning - desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Interactive learning capabilities

With professional programs designed around industry needs, EduNxt™ helps you sharpen your soft skills thereby giving you a competitive edge over your peers. As a student enrolled in SMU-DE, you can study from home, office or anywhere you want. Online learning with EduNxt™ makes it easy to earn a degree without hindering your personal and professional commitments.

The interactive EduNxt™ portal utilises technology to provide students the feel of campus education in a virtual classroom environment. This online platform can be accessed by the students of SMU-DE 24 hours a day, while allowing them to interact with the faculty and prepare for their examinations.


Empowering students by the use of technology                                

  • Classes offered using EduNxt™ are designed to help you master the course material in a short time. Learning at your own pace, testing your knowledge and reinforcing concepts through interactive exercises - are some of the benefits of EduNxt™ online learning. EduNxt™ serves as a virtual classroom that you can attend anytime you want. Here, you can interact with your peers as well as instructors, and also receive and submit assignments at your own pace.
  • Goal-oriented and flexible learning: With a host of options including subject quizzes, online assignment submission, faculty/industry mentor chats, and opportunities to network with other students, EduNxt™ is the ideal choice for engaging and interactive learning.
  • Continual access to course material: Our web-based collaborative tools make course content available online and remove the need to be physically present in classrooms. 


Scheduling time for coursework can be difficult, as it depends on your course, job and personal responsibilities. However, EduNxt™'s learning tools and study planners allow you to download study material on the go and access it online or offline. Recorded presentations and interactive content further help you master new concepts quickly and effectively.

Regardless of the course you choose, you can start learning whenever you want, study at home at your own pace, gain access to an extensive trainer base, student support services and receive additional informational resources - all with our online learning options. 


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