Soumen Gupta

I am thankful to SMU-DE for their EduNxt platform and study material with unique self-learning module.

I am thankful to SMU-DE for their EduNxt platform and study material with unique self-learning module.

Soumen Gupta I am thankful to SMU-DE for their EduNxt platform and study material with unique self-learning module. When: — Where: Category:

A story of success

Current Organization: Senior Data Analyst
Current Designation: AMI Partners Inc


I am from a middle class family. My father is a mechanical engineer while my mother is a homemaker. The only child of my doting parents, sports and music were my passions while I was growing up – as for academics, I was never too fond of studies. Yet, I was interested in doing something innovative related to research. In fact, this was one of my objectives in pursuing a career in Science. I had another passion – Computers! I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Science from the University of Calcutta and chose a Software Programming & Development course from one of the top Computer Academies; today I am holding a comfortable and responsible position in a Management Consulting and Research firm. Just like another story, right?

Well, the beginning of my career was not so smooth. I had completed the Software Programming & Development Course in 2001; however that very year the Software market crashed due to the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US – this put paid to my hopes of starting a promising career as a Software Development Professional. Therefore, left without many options, I started my career in the Marketing Research Industry in the Analysis & Processing Division; more due to accident than from a conscious choice!

I was not much aware about this industry at that time. Moreover - I did not plan to remain in this industry on a long-term basis. However, over a period of time, boosted by my own interest and curiosity I learnt various insights about the Techniques, Procedures and Methodologies involved in Data Analysis and Processing and before I realized it, I completed several years in this industry.

I always dreamt of gaining sufficient skills in the Marketing Research or Market Consulting arena – however to master these skills I needed a guide who could mentor me since the subject itself was vast and part of Management Science. I didn’t know what to do. So I tried to find a course that will help me gain sufficient knowledge in Marketing Research; and on a broader perspective – the Science of Management. Hence I was on the lookout for an appropriate course with affordable course-fees, yet one that offered me valuable and enriching course materials with all modern techniques & methodologies coupled with industry experienced faculties that can fill my appetite of research & analysis.

One morning while I was reading the newspaper I was attracted to an advertisement of such a course offered by Sikkim Manipal University – Directorate of Distance Education (SMU-DE). I went to my nearest learning centre and talked with the helpful counselor. I was overwhelmed with the services offered by the University – they were indeed quite exceptional and unique compared to other Institutes. Some of its unique aspects were - self learning course materials, VSAT daily lectures from the central studios and state of the art online EduNxt learning modules. Moreover – all the study materials were very much up-to-date and featured the latest aspects of present-day industrial aspects & thoughts. Thus, the icing on the cake was a perfect blending of technology, knowledge and practicality.

Since I am a working professional with uncertain working hours, time is a great constraint for me. Yet – the class timings at SMU-DE were so convenient and flexible that I hardly missed out any class during my study tenure. The study material is of such a high quality and the language is so simple that I never felt any problem to understand. In a few cases where I had queries – they were promptly solved online. And of course – the faculties contributed a lot in my grooming and development. They enabled me to apply theory to practical cases and thus helped me to crack the real life case-studies.

Gaining an MBA-Degree in Marketing from SMU-DE has helped me a lot to understand the intricacies of Marketing Research – e.g. the meaning of Research Objectives, Research Methodologies, process of checking sampling frames to execute a market linked quantitative study and a lot more.

I am very thankful to Sikkim Manipal University – Directorate of Distance Education (SMU-DE) for their razor-sharp technology-enablement program like EduNxt, state of the art VSAT facility, modernised study material with its unique self learning module and of course the industry best faculties. I would also like to acknowledge the fact that gaining a Management Degree from SMUDE was regarded highly at my workplace to such an extent that it was instrumental in helping me gain a promotion in Job Title and responsibilities. I am also sure that the knowledge gained will stand me in good stead in my future career too. Now I am working as Senior Data Analyst in Access Markets International (AMI)-Partners, Inc., a global Market Research and Management Consulting Organization focusing on IT and Communications; headquartered in New York, USA.

On a final note, I wish that SMU-DE benefits many more students in the future by not just giving them knowledge but by shaping their careers.