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Vikash Kumar Pandey

SMU-DE is one of the best distance universities, a leader in distance education.

SMU-DE is one of the best distance universities, a leader in distance education.

Vikash Kumar Pandey SMU-DE is one of the best distance universities, a leader in distance education. When: — Where: Category:

A story of success

Pass Out Year: 2003
Current Organization: SunGard
Current Designation: Sr Manager – Product Development


I come from a well-educated middle class family, where kids have been taught that for learning age has no bar. After completing Diploma in Computers, I started to work as a web content designer in 1999. In the year 2000 I got an opportunity to work for a start-up as a Developer-cum-Trainer. Working there I noticed that to be successful in my career I would need to have a Masters degree to give me that edge.

In my search for higher education options I came across SMU-DE’s M.Sc. - IT offering. Finding the detailed curriculum covered in an interesting way, I decided to enroll myself for it. Semester by semester the course helped me identify the potential I was building - learning networking, mobile, software engineering methodology, languages etc. Armed with acquired skills and confidence of excelling in any technology, I choose to work on the so called critical technical domain, UNIX and C/C++. I joined organizations that were into hard core technology of networking and system side programming in year 2003 (just after completing my M.Sc. IT degree); there I learnt trade tricks of working in a very technically challenging product development and support organization.

SMU guided me in my passion for new technologies

I always aspire to take on challenges by choice rather than being forced into a challenge. In the year 2007 when I joined my current organization as a Project Lead of a so called legacy product (UNIX, C, self-written shared memory and file system based database), I felt the team including me is forced into a challenge which looked very tough in the beginning and people were just doing it because they were asked to do the tasks instead of enjoying doing it. I met a gentleman who was my coordinator during my M.Sc. IT days and he taught me one thing – “Complex looking things are actually made out of simple things”, in other words “Complexity is mis-networking of simplicity”. Working on this learning when we started to identify the units which were simple and building skills on those, we actually networked the entire system in a simplified architecture and that simplicity actually took away the fear of the unknown and the complex. The instincts that SMU built in me have helped me tremendously. Today I work with the latest of the technologies (J2EE, Business Processes, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, etc).

I would like to thank SMU-DE for making me build skills across domains and technology and helping me realize how best the acquired skill can be utilized to reach my aspirations and dreams. I appreciate SMU-DE’s deep and clear understanding of the need of today’s advancements in technology and education and the way they design and run the courses.