In today’s era of rising economic issues and cut-throat competition, everyone is trying to survive and save their business ventures from losses. If you belong to the marketing or sales industry, or if you aim to join it post your distance MBA course, you would agree that keeping customers satisfied is indeed the most challenging task.


While most Bollywood movies try to bank in on the ‘masala’ element, the industry sometimes produces gems that are not only entertaining, but also inspiring and teach you a thing or two. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is one such movie.


Though this movie could not garner a lot of revenue when it released in 2009, it is considered to be a must-watch for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs. The movie emphasized the value of excellent customer service and how your customers will always remember you for the way you treat them.



Set in the backdrop of a typical corporate conglomerate, the story shows the struggles and hardships faced by a commoner who is an ambitious corporate aspirant and has the innate talent of managing people. Despite his skills and willingness to work, he has to tackle a lot of obstacles in his journey just because he does not possess a great academic history.


1. Willingness to learn is everything


In today’s times, degree and qualifications have a restricted role to play when it comes to deciding the extent of your success. While an academic degree like a BBA or MBA is vital, and even necessary in some cases, what matters the most is your willingness to learn and your ability to persist.


2. Hard work is the key


The biggest companies of today were once small enterprises that were struggling to thrive in the market. Excellent customer service and consistent hard work are the two driving factors to have brought them success. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year portrays an excellent example of how enthusiasm and a never say attitude can go a long way in bringing you closer to your customers and help you retain them longer than your counterparts.


3. Be a beacon of integrity


Relying on short-term tactics such as seeking bribery or running only by recommendations and contacts is not the right practice to be followed in any business. Your business will grow if you believe in your ideas, quality of work and if you can lead your team in the right direction.


This movie portrays some of the most valuable lessons of management and business in a natural and relatable manner. It also shows how staying true to your values and being grounded can help you in acquiring customers with ease.


If you are looking for some motivation while pursuing your distance learning course or want some inspiration for betterment at work, we recommend you to watch Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year.


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