Based on a true story, Dangal brilliantly captures the attribute of perseverance. Apart from the storyline and characters, the film resonated with the audience, delivering inspiring lessons. The movie is full of motivating lessons, which push you to take control of your career. Whether you are a working professional or pursuing a distance learning course, here are some inspirational lessons you can adopt from the movie:


#1 Hard work is the only way to success


Since Mahavir Phogat (Aamir Khan) was unable to represent the country in wrestling, he rigorously trained his daughters, Geeta and Babita. For them, it meant giving up on their childhood and following a tiring training schedule. Whether it was shaving their head, waking up at 5 am or avoiding unhealthy food, every bit of hard work contributed to them winning an international medal.


There were a number of instances where Geeta and Babita could have given up, but the only reason for their success was their dedication to training. When Geeta started losing focus, it reflected on her results.


Similarly, every phase in your career will be a struggle. Climbing up that ladder of success is only possible with years of toiling which will include both, moments of joy and tears.  So if you are looking to find a job after completing your correspondence course, do remember that when things get tough, the key is to always work harder.


#2 Have faith in your mentor


More than a wrestler, Mahavir was a stern and disciplined mentor. Initially, his daughters may have viewed their new lifestyle as rigid, but it was this hardcore training that shaped their lives. He taught them the traditional techniques of wrestling, which helped them emerge as champions.


During an international competition, Geeta tries to imbibe other modern techniques which lead to her defeat. Even though Mahavir is banned from the competition, he watches her recorded sessions and advises her to follow certain strategies. During every difficult circumstance, it was her father who believed in her and served as her most trustworthy mentor.


Similarly, after you’ve completed your BCA or MCA distance education course and have started your career, there will be one or two people you may look up to for guidance. Their style of mentoring may seem harsh, but the lessons they teach you will pave the way for your successful future. So it is vital that you choose the right mentor.


#3 Never get bogged down by criticism


Dominated by a patriarchal society and hailing from a rural village, Geeta and Babita were heavily criticized and underestimated. They were not taken seriously and could not even afford wrestling equipment. With all the odds against them, they still emerged as world-class wrestlers. Geeta and Babita have both won gold at the Commonwealth Games, with Geeta even becoming the first female Indian wrestler to qualify for the Olympics.


Don’t get demotivated when your flaws are pointed out. Take it as constructive criticism and use it to enhance your work or overcome a certain negative habit.


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