2019 brings with it a fresh opportunity for us to succeed. What is the better way to get inspired than to look at one of India's favorite stars in the big screen right? So, for today, lets have a look at the incredible rise of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the actor who has made it to the top of his craft despite incredible odds. Right from playing a pickpocket in Munnabhai MBBS to the lead role in the movie 'Thackeray', his journey, as an actor, motivate us to work harder in the new year.


Let's take a tour of the 3 lessons to be learnt from him.


Dare to dream big




Nawazuddin was born in the district of Muzaffarnagar. He realized his passion for creative arts during his early years after watching the folk and carnival performers putting their efforts into acting. Though he studied science at Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar, his dream to be a performer never faded away. He even worked as a chemist for a short period in Vadodara before he left for Delhi. That is when he decided to pursue the study of drama in National School of Drama and began his arduous journey in the world of cinema and stardom. As a requisite for application, he acted in over 10 plays with his friends.


His first break came in the role as a journalist in the movie ‘Peepli Live’. Climbing the ladder, Nawaz bagged roles that were noteworthy for their grit, gumption, and passion. His roles as Faizal Khan in the Gangs of Wasseypur series, the grumpy intelligence officer in Vidya Balan starrer ‘Kahaani’ or the bank robber in ‘Badlapur’ are some of his remarkable performances to remember forever.


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Stay motivated


Before he reached this stage, there were years when he struggled to get acting roles. To pay rent, he would conduct acting workshops from his apartment which he shared with his 4 friends. There was even a time, he cooked meals for a place to stay, as he could not afford to rent a room. He even worked as a watchman to earn a living! But all these struggles were worth it as he had a goal to become a film star someday and see himself on the 70mm screen.


Sometimes, the topics or exams in your correspondence course in MBA or BBA can get challenging. But the key is to stay motivated and focused on reach the end and achieve the goal!


Believe in yourself


Nawaz has always been known for his talent rather than his looks. He is not the typical tall, fair and handsome Bollywood hero. He also quoted once that it was difficult for him to find lead acting roles because of this stereo type. Despite his struggles, he did not allow this to hinder him to achieve his goals. His dream to create art, entertain people and indulge his passion encouraged him to find more work. He acted in plays, TV serials, commercials, movies without hesitation. He believed in his abilities and worked relentlessly to make a mark of his acting in the vast industry of Indian films and theatres. This belief has helped him to score high and today he is considered as one of the powerful actors in Bollywood.


Every person has their own journey, a reason they are on this earth. And it is up to every single individual to find that reason in them and work diligently to accomplish it. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your career by pursuing a distance education course. Make that new beginning, no matter what has held you back in the past days. Take the new year as inspiration, set goals and achieve them in one single step at a time.


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