Entrepreneurs need motivation every day, and certain Bollywood movies can provide just that. By showing us how people can rise up through adversities, and inspire those around them, these movies can do a lot more than just entertain. With this in mind, let’s look at some films, which provide such insights and teach us a few lessons.


Band Baaja Baarat

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A new business venture should be an idea that can solve existing problems. If you can solve a problem, then you have a strong business model. In the film ‘Band Baaja Baraat,’ the lead couple think of an innovative solution to manage weddings.


The size of the wedding industry in India is approximately 100,000 crore. A good wedding planner is always in demand. The movie displays the problem-solving and inventive spirit of entrepreneurs determined to make money. The characters of Shruti and Bittoo are an inspiration to those wanting to start their own business.



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Dhirubhai Ambani and his journey to success is the ultimate guide to entrepreneurship. If you are pursuing a BBA or MBA course, a film based on his life can serve as a tutorial for you. The protagonist of the film Guru has a singular aim of building the largest company in the country.


Dhirubhai found solutions around a system infested by a socialist mindset and the License Raj.  He was the first of his kind and showed India its capability if it adopts a liberalized and globalized economy.



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The film Corporate depicts the hunger of corporate biggies to become the market leaders. Passion and a competitive spirit are important to survive in the business world. However, this should not happen at the cost of ethics and morals. The film showcases the extent to which the illusion of success can misguide entrepreneurs into making serious mistakes and go against the law. It is a great lesson for entrepreneurs of all generations. Success is important, but you need not compromise with your integrity and morals for it.


Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

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Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is a satirical comedy film that is based on corruption in our country. The story is about two photographers who try to expose the truth, but end up suffering at the hands of a corrupt system.


The death of justice and triumph of evil over good leaves food for thought. Even though there is a great lesson of ethics and morality, in the face of failure, it is advisable to let go by making a smart business decision instead of holding onto a loss-making venture.


These Bollywood movies provide great leadership lessons and serve as a motivation to take up the role of an enterprising businessperson. Aspiring entrepreneurs can take inspiration from these movies, and get motivated to follow their dreams.


So if you will soon be completing your distance education course or correspondence course for an MBA or BBA distance degree from recognized university, and are looking to become an entrepreneur, these movies are sure to provide you with the right dose of motivation.



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