Rahul Dravid is respected for his game and sportsmanship throughout the world. His attitude and outlook towards ethics, both on and off the field, are valuable lessons which you can apply in your professional life. If you are pursuing a distance learning course or a correspondence course in India, and are looking for some motivation from “The Wall” himself, he can be your source of inspiration. Here are four career tips from the man himself:


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#1 Be patient for results


 First things first! Apart from technique and talent, Dravid possesses the virtue of patience. He overcame challenging bowlers and several stressful moments on the field merely through his endurance and discipline.

We all could see that instead of hurrying through his innings or seeking self-glory, Dravid always focussed on the overall success of his team. He waited for the right moment to deliver. The team could count on him during testing times. He was known for patiently assisting the team and guiding India to victory.


So if you are looking to find a job after pursuing BBA or MBA degree, be patient, evaluate your options and the result will be worth the wait!


#2 Hard work has no substitute


 Dravid was described as a genius of hard work and for a good reason. Playing for more than 16 years in international cricket, he paced himself to be nothing short of perfection. Dravid was not blessed with greatness. He nurtured it.


Through years of dedication, he toiled day in and day out, only to reach closer to his goals. He was the first to enter the field and the last to leave. He worked on minor adjustments and trained hard, not to be better than others, but to better than he was the day before. That is a lesson in itself!


#3 Be ever ready to learn


 From a young age, Dravid was keen on learning accurate batting techniques, and was never afraid to go back to the basics. During his early career, his style of batting was considered too slow, but that did not stop him. He consistently worked to improve himself by taking advice from coaches and applying it on the field. He went on to score more than 10,000 runs in his career.


Even though, he gained a reputation as a pure batsman, he took up wicket keeping and fielding as well. Similarly, if you want long-term career success, you need to continue learning new skills. How about taking up a distance education program alongside your job to cement expertise in your field?



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#4 Never give up


 “I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying.” – Rahul Dravid.


Famously known as ‘The Wall,’ Rahul Dravid has faced his share of adversities. He is fondly remembered for his consistency and composed appearance, but what truly differentiated him from other sportspersons was his refusal to give in. Even when the Indian cricket team was trailing behind with a large margin, with Dravid, they discarded any negative thoughts and emerged victorious!




Dravid is a living proof that it takes much more than talent to make a name for yourself. It took him years of failing and learning to fully succeed. There is a lot to learn from him. Whether you’ve taken up a BCA onlineMCA correspondence or a BSc course, which could be from a distance learning university, you can always take motivation from this cricket legend.


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