From shopping and paying bills to reading the news and making calls, we do it all with our phones, so why not study too? Plenty of research has gone into developing this idea over the years, and here are some reasons why it is being considered the future of distance education.


  1. 1. Continuous learning experience


Don’t you just hate it when you’re streaming a YouTube video and it hangs because you lost internet connectivity? We all do. So when it comes to mobile learning, there are apps which allow you to work in an ‘offline mode’. It means you get access to your course material on the move, even in areas with no access to mobile network or Wi-Fi. This leaves you with a seamless and continuous learning experience.



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  1. 2. Better learning retention


If you’re doing a distance learning course that deals with marketing, then you’ll learn the different ways in which people consume content. Video is the most popular type of content, followed by online courses, research content, and interactive tools.


If you think about it, your phone can easily do all these things. When you’re able to access, understand and assimilate information in a way that you’re comfortable with, you’ll automatically retain this information better.



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  1. 3. Just-in-time learning


When completing a task or approaching a complex problem in your correspondence course from top recognized university, you are more motivated to look for a solution. With the availability of Just-in-time learning (JIT) you have the solution readily available. It helps you stay motivated as you learn and gives you the answers when you seek them.


The best way to get JIT learning is through a mobile phone, it’s always with you and now you don’t even need the internet to get the assistance required while studying. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 40% people rely on smartphones for information as compared to desktops or laptops.



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  1. 4. Flexibility


The reasons why smartphones have grown at a rapid pace is because they are comfortable to use and carry as well as convenient to have around. As a learner, it gives you the option to learn whenever and wherever you feel like. Whether you are traveling or waiting for your turn at an eatery, you can always grab your phone and find something to do.


If you look at laptops and desktops, they don’t offer the same kind of ease and flexibility. Various studies have also pointed out that we tend to do at least 221 tasks on our phones in a day as compared to only 140 tasks on a laptop or desktop.



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These points prove that mobile learning is clearly going to be the future of learning, especially when it comes to distance education. So, when you sign up for distance learning courses be it BBA courseBCAMCA or even an MBA, know that you’re learning the latest and most efficient way.


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