The morning of 26th January has a special vibe to it for us Indians. The entire nation is hooked to the television on this day every year. After all, who doesn’t love watching the rhythmic marching of our defenders who don’t miss a single beat? Such orchestration of skills and teamwork not only fills us with patriotism and a greater sense of security, but also demonstrates the high level of dedication and hard work that goes into putting up a flawless show year after year on a cold and foggy Delhi morning.


With over two lakh people turning up for Republic Day celebrations, the real preparations begin nine months early in March as military personnel, performers and 70+ organisations start preparing and rehearsing every single day. The behind-the-scenes preparation of honouring the world’s largest democracy is a story filled with great learning and inspiration for the leaders of tomorrow – young professionals and students.


So whether you are pursuing a distance learning course or have just completed your distance MBA in Bangalore and are looking for a job, here are some lessons to keep in mind:



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Practice makes perfect


The parade teams practice their drills at their respective regiments for months before finally practicing together in Delhi a month before the big day. The teams log in over 600 hours of hard work and practice for nine months to perform the synchronised march, leaving no scope for errors.


Students who have opted for MBA finance or BBA can benefit from practicing some sample question papers before final exams. Rehearsing helps in weeding out common mistakes that we can make on the final day. What’s more, it will also help you manage your time better during your exams.



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Success lies in the details


It is hard to miss the shine you see on the marching military vehicles and meticulously maintained weaponry that rolls out at Rajpath. A special camp is set up at the parade premise for tanks and weapon systems where they undergo ten quality checks before making their stage appearance. Similarly, distance learning students who give great attention to detail have an advantage over those who don’t.


Team play helps


The platoons are made to march 12 km every day during the practice session and 9 km on the final day. They are judged on over 200 different parameters before they can claim the best marching contingent award from other equally deserving participants. Getting tired or falling back is not an option as they do it for the team.


It is easy to achieve more as a team when every team member puts their best foot forward. Students can buddy study to motivate each other and perform better.



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Give your best


Be it a foggy, rainy or windy day, the highlight of Republic Day celebrations remains to be the surreal sky performance by Air Force jet fighters as they leave a streak of the tri-colour in the sky and vanish over the clouds. Whatever be the weather conditions, they never fail to impress the crowd.


Similarly, distance education learners should put up a brave face against unexpected situations and learn to overcome challenging situations.


Be it a student living in a small village and doing a correspondence course, or someone enrolled in Sikkim Manipal University, every Indian citizen should take the onus to make their nation great. With this in mind, the entire team at SMU-DE would like to wish you a proud and happy Republic Day


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