While we may find it difficult to agree on a topic as a nation, the one thing that every Indian will beat his/her chest to, is a sport played by twenty-two players, alternating between a ball and a bat. In fact, it would be incorrect to call cricket just a sport. Cricket has brought warring families back together; united us as one secular, democratic nation.


Cricket is so much more than a sport in India. It has taught us how patience and hard work can win a world cup and how keeping your cool amidst chaos can be rewarding. Most importantly, it has taught us how being skillful alone isn’t enough to reach the top.


Even while dealing with rudimentary topics such as acing your exams, cricket has its two cents to put in:


Know your best shots


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M.S Dhoni’s technique was more suited to the shorter format of the game, and this is where he excelled. His unique ‘helicopter’ shot often left the bowlers gaping and the scoreboard ticking.


Similarly, before applying for any distance learning degree, determine whether your strengths lie in that field. If you have the aptitude for doing a BBA or MBA degree, applying for some other degree just because someone else is taking it up is foolhardy.


Never rely on a single trick


 If Shane Warne didn’t have a variety of ways to spin the ball up his sleeve, we would not call him the ‘King of Spin’ today. Always have some options on the side to help you up if your current choice goes sideways. You can always opt for a distance learning or a correspondence course from recognized university if you are unable to go for an on-campus course.


Practice to improve your weak areas


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Sachin’s ‘straight drive’ wouldn’t have been possible if he had not put in extra hours after practice in the nets, trying to get his balance right. Colin Powell has rightly said: ‘A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.’


Sometimes, certain skills need to be honed before you can achieve your goal. Working on them diligently on the side will help you accomplish more than what you had aimed for. If you wish to pursue a BSc. IT or an MSC IT degree, take your time to go through the course details. A careful review of the same will make you aware of skills which need to be honed.


Get your basics strong


Source: Rediff


The Wall, Rahul Dravid is widely considered as one of the legends of the game. The high praise that he receives wherever he goes isn’t because of luck; but because he worked hard to achieve his goal. He made sure that his foundations were rock solid before he proceeded to build an empire that would astonish the world.


So if you are pursuing a MCA or BCA course, make sure that you know your subjects thoroughly. It will ensure that you do have something to hold on to if you ever come crashing down.


All in all, cricket is just another metaphor for life in India. There are many lessons you can learn from the sport in terms of leadership, hard work and teamwork. These lessons can serve you well in your academic and professional life. So next time you are watching an exciting cricket match, do take a note of what goes on between the overs as well!


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