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Surviving in today’s job market is an art of geniuses. If you still believe that getting a job is easy in 2017, it is time to do a fact check. Blindly following the herd of engineers and doctors is not going to fetch you the job of your dreams. Even if you were a topper in your class/college, and an expert of the technology you are working on, the chances are, you might be doing something really wrong. If you want to improve the impression you leave after an interview, make sure you do these things.


1. The Right Approach


Preparing well for an interview is the most significant part of landing a job. Your work experience or the position in your present company alone is not going to lead you directly to the 13th floor office room with a view.





Diving deep into the business and technology would help you answer questions with confidence. Once you get your priorities set, don’t sit and wait for an opportunity to knock on your door. Apply on online job portals and career sites. Follow up with the HRs for feedback after every interview and understand the key issue with your profile. Doing so will help in finding weak points in your resume and help you improve.


  1. 2. Aim for an outstanding skillset


According to the 2016 National Employability report of Aspiring Minds, less than 8% engineers are eligible for core engineering jobs. The present job market demands highly skilled professionals who are the perfect fit for the job. Companies don’t want to settle for anything less than an expert.

Sometimes you may doubt yourself when you look at the qualifications of other applicants for the same job. To avoid such moments of self-doubt, it is recommended to do post-graduation courses like MBAMSC or MCA and level up your profile strength.



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There are many distance education programs offered by recognized universities that will boost your chances of getting hired. Distance learning courses also include certifications that would help you learn new technologies and add value to your skillset.


  1. 3. Work on your interpersonal and communication skills


It is important to have a quality interaction with your team. For an effective execution of your duties, you will have to connect with different types of people.





Also, if don’t have the right words to express your ideas, it is going to be difficult for you. If you think that your communication is not up to the marks, constantly try to improve it with the help of online courses or correspondence courses.


  1. 4. Explore a different career option


Sometimes when you are not able to find a job that matches your academics and experience, it is good to do a self-evaluation of your interests. If you don’t really like your job, analyze your skills and understand what profession would really suit you in terms of your talent and passion.



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If you are a software developer who has excellent people skills, think about enrolling yourself into a MBA program that would qualify you to be a manager once you finish the course. If you want to choose an entirely different career path, an academic degree in the interested field would certainly help in finding a job of your choice.

By making sure that you are fit for a job role you aspire to conquer, nothing can stop you from landing your dream job. You will be able to see your destination clearer as you get better every day. When talent meets hard work, even luck will be on your side!


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