You are probably aware of the many benefits of distance learning courses and correspondence courses from top university. However, if you feel like there are still some questions left unanswered, you can always pick up some great books about distance learning that will give you the answers you seek. Here are the top five books you need to get your hands on, if you wish to learn more about distance education.


  1. 1. Emerging Technologies in Distance Education – George Veletsianos


This book explains how scholars and researchers worldwide have used ‘emerging interactive technologies for teaching and learning via the distance mode’. It talks about the impact of social networks, how they have changed the way distance education works and how we interact with course material. The book also looks at the creation of engaging distance education initiatives while keeping in mind technological advancements, changing mindsets, etc.



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  1. 2. Handbook of Distance Education – Edited by Michael Grahame Moore – The Pennsylvania State University


The book is so popular that this is the third edition of the book. It talks about the history, growth, and development as well as features of distance education. It explains the connection between technology and education. The book also consists of a lot of empirical research along with a discussion about current practices in terms of that research and more.



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  1. 3. Quality in Distance Education: Focus on Online Learning – Katrina A. Meyer


This book is all about breaking the myths about distance learning. The characteristics of online education and its need are discussed in the book. There is also a focus on what the next phase of learning should be, the link between technology and learning, and how certain technologies work best with certain students.



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  1. 4. Making Sense of Online Learning: A Guide for the Beginners and the Truly Skeptical – By Patti Shank; Amy Sitze


This book is for the sceptical, it’s for those who don’t know where online learning came from, what it intends to do and how it does what it claims to do. This will help to figure out how online learning technologies work and how to make them work for your requirement. You’ll gain insight into things like design, infrastructure, and evaluation. This book also has a dedicated site so that you can stay updated with the latest tools and resources to help you with distance learning.



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  1. 5. Optimizing Open and Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions – Umesh Chandra Pandey and Verlaxmi Indrakanti


This book gets straight to the point. It explains how technology has broadened learning opportunities for everyone, especially in today’s digital age. Things such as proximity to learning centres are no longer an issue when it comes to education all thanks to technology. This book is written with administrators, teachers, academics, and professionals in mind.



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If you are interested in pursuing a distance learning course in MBABBAMCA, or MSC. IT, these reference books will give you the insights on the future trends of distance learning as well as tips to get the best results from it.


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