Bollywood has a great influence on Indians. It is one of our primary sources of entertainment and has shaped many areas of our life. Of late, Bollywood films have been giving various social messages. These films are based on inspirational personalities who went against all odds to achieve their goal. These can serve as case studies for students who have taken up distance learning courses in India, thereby combining entertainment and knowledge.


Here are five Bollywood characters who have learnt from their failures and ultimately emerged as the heroes.


  1. 1. Karan Shergill – Lakshya





Lakshya is a film depicting the journey of a young man who is trying to find his calling. During his transformation from a confused youngster to a brave soldier, Karan Shergill discovers his true self while serving in the Indian Army.


As the captain of a battalion, he portrays excellent leadership skills and integrity. His character is a great motivator for taking a challenge head on. This film is a great example of leadership and decision making for distance MBA or BBA students.


  1. 2. Mohan Bhargav – Swades



Love can sometimes be the greatest motivator. However, it takes courage and hard work to achieve your goal. Mohan Bhargava of Swades proves this point. It would have been easy for Mohan to blame the Indian government, and run back to the US. However, he decides to work in the existing conditions to make a difference.


Leaders are likely to face great opposition while working towards their goal. A true leader is one who works on these challenges instead of complaining. Such leaders attain their goals irrespective of the location, which is a great lesson for students who have opted for distance learning courses.


3. Iqbal – Iqbal



Source: Farnazfever


Physical disability can be the biggest de-motivator of all. However, a strong will stops at nothing. The character of Iqbal from the film ‘Iqbal’ had one goal; to join the Indian cricket team. Iqbal despite being differently abled and coming from the interiors of India with limited access to facilities, works on his goals and achieves it after several hardships.


It is a lesson for students, especially those pursuing a correspondence course. They should not get demotivated because of the distance or proximity. They can be as successful by making most of the resources available to them, especially in today’s age where the course content is accessible 24*7 at the touch of a button.


  1. 3. Rancho – 3 Idiots


Source: Indian Express


“Make yourself so capable that success will want to follow you” – a line from the first Bollywood movie to mint over 300 crores at the box office. Self-belief can be the brightest torchlight in the darkest hour. Rancho from the film “3 Idiots” is a unique character who motivates all of us to believe in ourselves and not follow the herd. We need to question and find the right answers instead of being yet another sheep in the herd.


Learning and education are about the application of the mind and knowledge. So whether you are pursuing your BCAMCA course or even a B.Sc online degree, try to understand the concepts thoroughly and utilize them in solving real-time problems.

5. Kabir Khan – Chak De India


Source: Indian Express


Kabir Khan in the film “Chak De India” is a real leader. Kabir Khan inspires a team of hockey players to destroy social barriers and preset norms to achieve greatness for themselves. He works with them to overcome psychological blocks against him and themselves.


Bollywood films have been entertaining us for years. In recent years, many movies have spread different social messages, which have been slowly directing the masses to a better path. These lessons can be used to mold young minds effectively.


Did we miss any inspirational character? Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section!


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