It’s been 71 years since we freed ourselves from the shackles of the British Raj. However, that independence came at a cost. Not only were we left financially depleted, but also emotionally weak since our country was divided into two. Till today, on the 15th of August, we are filled with a sense of patriotic fervor that reminds of us of our duty towards the country, and this feeling is reinstated by Bollywood movies that touch our souls.


Let’s have a look at five Independence Day movies that make us feel proud to be an Indian, no matter how many times we watch them:


  1. 1. Chak De India


An ex-hockey player with a tainted history that includes match-fixing allegations. A bunch of girls who can’t get along personally. A hockey federation that is still run with the chauvinistic mindset that girls are only meant for cooking. And despite these obstacles, the tainted player returns as a hockey coach and leads these girls to glory.


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The final penalty save still brings tears of joy and makes us feel proud of our hockey heritage and 8 Olympic Gold medals in our national sport.


  1. 2. Lagaan


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Lagaan is the true underdog story. Farmers from a nondescript village in Gujarat take a huge risk – that of defeating the challengers in their own game. The last ball chills and subsequent exit of the British cantonment from the town of Champaner pump us up to this day!


  1. 3.Rang De Basanti


Ask any millennial about this film to know the kind of stir it created back in the day. Rang De Basanti is a film that awakens the youngsters to do something for this nation. It also resonates well with the students of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education, as the film urges the youth to take a stand against the injustice prevailing in the society.


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It’s a story of a bunch of friends who believe life is all about fun, until a tragic incident brings their world crashing down and patriotism takes the center stage.


  1. 4. Lakshya


Lakshya is the story of Karan, a 24-year-old who is confused about what to do with his life. Sounds like any other student? The movie is a journey of self-discovery and eventual realization of your duty towards the country.


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Karan Shergill is entrusted with the task of reclaiming Tiger Hill back from the terrorists, and he ably wins it back. Don’t your eyes tear up when you watch him hoist the tricolor atop Tiger Hill? Every time!


  1. 5. Swades


Swades is not your usual run-of-the-mill action drama or a sports flick centered around defeating the Pakistanis or the British. It is a story of home-coming, back to your own roots to serve your country.


A lot of students studying in MBA courses may dream of working abroad, but the movie shows an NRI coming back to India to improve the situation at the grass root level. Let’s hope there’s a true patriot like Mohan Bhargav in everyone!


If you have missed out on any of these cult movies, make sure to catch up this Independence Day. If you’ve already seen them, a re-run will be as exciting! Jai Hind!



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