While an increasing number of opportunities are available for professionals today, experts observe that individuals lose out on supernormal growth solely because of mistakes that can be avoided. Let’s find out what these mistakes are.


The digital revolution, mobility of labour and the creation of specific niches has made traditional job-hunting techniques redundant. Innovative academic disciplines, distance educationand certification courses have led to the creation of new roles and more demand for trained professionals. However, jobseekers today continue to function in the archaic process and fail to capitalise on the global growth. Be informed, and avoid making these five mistakes:


  1. Underestimating social media



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Gone are the days when you were solely judged on the basis of a conversation during the interview. With the internet dominating majority of human decisions, employers have started evaluating and giving weightage to your social media activity. Ensure that you have a strong LinkedIn profile with relevant recommendations and connections. Not only will it help during a background check, but also strengthen your network for professional growth.


  1. An ineffective resume



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While a majority of jobseekers understand the importance of resumes, they continue making petty errors. Grammatical mistakes, poor formatting and excessive information are big turnoffs for hiring managers. An ideal resume is one page long and gives a brief professional snapshot to the recruiter, not your complete life story. It needs to be customised for different profiles. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye to the big words copied from Google.


  1. Lack of research:



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You must know as much about your prospective employer as they wish to know about you. Do get an overview of the industry, the company’s strengths and be clear of your role in the organisation. Know what the company is looking for in you and be ready with strategies and suggestions for them. Candidates who ask intelligent questions during the interview are more likely to be hired.


  1. Valuing salary more than growth:


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While salary is an important aspect of your professional life, this job is a part of your larger career. Making a decision solely on the basis of compensation breaks more careers than any other mistake. Evaluate not just the current salary, but also the future growth prospects in the same organisation as well as the industry. Medium-sized employers may not offer lucrative packages, but give greater exposure to different verticals and growth opportunities.


  1. Underestimating yourself



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Many talented professionals miss taking up their dream job by assuming that they are not good enough for a large organisation or challenging roles. Although it is wise not to be unrealistic, be aware of your weaknesses and be willing to work on them on the job. Don’t let it stop you from getting into a good position. You can acquire the required skills post joining. Many companies now train their employs extensively, sometimes through correspondence courses from B-Schools to groom them for leadership.


The bottom-line


The world wants you to grow and innumerable opportunities are opening up every day. Ensure that you do not miss the bus by making any such mistakes. Prepare yourself for the new world through strong academics, soft-skill development and be confident of your better future.


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