Another year has gone by, 2017 is almost here! What changes do you want in your career – to get noticed, to get promoted, or to get the employee of the year award? We have 5 tips that will definitely help you get there:


  1. Learn How to Take Criticism


    This is Office 101. When your boss or your colleague is pinpointing mistakes, don’t let your anger erupt. Take it as a learning curve; it’s the advice that will help you in the long run. Hold your temper, be less defensive and let them finish talking to you before you give them your side of the story.


  2. Maintain an Online Presence


The more well-connected you are, the higher are the chances of new doors opening up for you. Social media is an effective way of keeping in touch with people, so use it to your benefit. Say, you’re a marketer. XYZ Corporation is looking for a new marketing agency, your friend/relative/ex-colleagues will immediately remember you if your social media displays you as an amazing marketer.


  1. Say Yes to What Scares You


Remember how scary your first bicycle ride when you were little? After some practice, you may have started enjoying it though. Now, as an adult, when was the last time you tried something new? You have to keep opportunities open for yourself and continue exploring. Say YES to a challenging project and you will definitely be rewarded in one way or another.


  1. Acquire a Skill


We’ve said this time and again. A skill, be it work related or not will come in handy. Want to upgrade and get an MBA? Now’s the time! Something or other will always hold you back unless you’re headstrong about it. You will also have an ‘X’ factor on your resume compared to your peers.


  1. Find the Balance


 No time to pick up a new skill or care about your presence on social media? That’s why this point is important. Everything you do has to be done in moderation, even working! Otherwise, you will saturate yourself till you break. Go out with your friends, read a book, participate in social activities or do take up some hobby for a sense of satisfaction.


Start with a clean slate and get ahead in 2017. After all, the only one holding yourself back is you.



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