Nature has bestowed women with the art of management. We’re not saying they were born with an MBA degree, but they have a unique knack for shouldering responsibilities and executing them perfectly. They can manage a lot of responsibilities seamlessly without a crease on their forehead.


Here’s why saying that women are born to be managers won’t be untrue.


  1. Great Builders of Community


Women are known to be good consensus builders. They know how to build cooperative relationships. They are also well-aware of the importance of leading through influence. Women do it by building collaboration rather than implementing straight force or all out competition.


  1. A Strong Belief in Ethical Business Conduct


It is imperative to acknowledge the rights of others in the pursuit of fairness, and that’s exactly what women are great at doing. Consider this, a woman with two children would ensure that each of them gets a fair share of everything. She deals with business as well as management challenges with similar rigour and comes up with fair and unbiased solutions, as if she were taught this as a part of her MBA course.


  1. An Epitome of Patience


When it comes to women, they are very patient with their co-workers and subordinates as compared to men. Most women managers are seen to have the following traits. They do not:


  • Jump to a conclusion
  • Make a hurried decision
  • Undertake an action without measuring its pros and cons


A woman is willing to wait for a longer period of time to achieve the desired result, for example, taking up a distance learning course. She is prepared to take baby steps towards her goals rather than sprinting towards it without caution.


  1. She Can Evoke Passion for Work


A woman is more astute with knowing how to activate employees’ passion. She can notice when, how and where the emotions of the employees change and use that insight to develop passion in employees towards their work. Passion builds loyalty and thus, a woman endeavors to motivate her workforce to stay passionate and loyal towards work.


  1. Because Numbers Say So


Gallup, a research firm, conducted a study in the U.S wherein it asked a sample of adults, ‘Who would you prefer to work with – a man or woman?’ and several other related questions. Here are the findings:


  • Female managers engage their employees better than male managers
  • Employees who work for a female manager agreed 1.26 times more than those who work for male managers on ‘my manager encourages my development’
  • Employees who work for a female manager agreed 29 times more than those who work for male managers on ‘my manager has talked to me about my progress in the last six months’
  • Employees who work for a female manager agreed 1.17 times more than those who work for male managers on ‘I have been appreciated by my manager for my work in the last seven days’


When a manager or immediate supervisor acknowledges or talks about the employees’ progress, he/she feels motivated and considers himself/herself as a valuable and an integral part of the organization. A woman, as a manager, praises and appreciates her subordinates from time to time to always keep them motivated and upbeat.


Women Managers: Breaking the Stereotypes


Usually, people believe that women are emotional and sentimental, but they are intellectual geniuses who can brilliantly plan tasks, lead by example and even excel in the execution of their strategies.


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