Distance learning has opened up endless opportunities for students, especially those unable to afford an expensive on-campus degree. However, many students overlook the process of distance learning due to the myth that it is a tiring task to stay on track with the course. Much like any degree, be it an MBA course or BBA degree, your outcome for success depends on the amount of effort and planning you put in.


The below strategies will help you maximize learning effectiveness and enable you to take full advantage of your distance learning program:-


1) Set goals


Once you are enrolled in a distance education course, familiarize yourself with the course syllabus, assignments and the course material. Merely reading your course information will not suffice. You need to identify realistic goals by breaking down assignments or lessons into manageable parts.



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Set your goals well within your capability and make sure to follow through. Never try to set goals higher than your potential because sometimes it may backfire and you may end up right where you started.


2) Identify your learning style


What is your style of studying? Is it through reading or reciting out loud or listening to others? Determine your most effective method to retain information and use it to your advantage.


Figure out whether you prefer studying for short or long intervals and whether you find it easy to study during the day or night. Recognizing every aspect of your learning style gives you, clarity on how you work best and brings you one-step closer to success.


 3) Establish a regular study schedule


Distance learning gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace, but it can often lead you to fall astray. To stay focussed and motivated, you need to stick to a regular study schedule, keeping your goals in mind. This means catering to your learning style and setting aside a time each day to study a particular topic. If there is abundant information, allocate sufficient time to ensure every topic is covered. Avoid distractions and procrastination.


 4) Join online discussions


In distance education, students are a part of a community of distance learners. Online discussions are sometimes the most effective form of communication. Actively participating in online discussions will enable you to interact and share feedback or suggestions with instructors and students online. Instructors can also check how many discussion threads a student has opened and read so they are always aware of all those who contribute. One way to stay motivated is to search for students studying a similar course and team up with them to exchange ideas.


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5) Ask questions


In distance learning, you need to initiate contact to get your doubts solved. Asking questions demonstrates interest in the subject and will put you in the instructor’s good books. Crafting intelligent questions among instructors and classmates will create engagement and a positive virtual space.


It is a proud moment when you finally earn a degree or certificate, but the purpose of a correspondence course is to mainly equip you with skills and strategies that help you get the most out of your distance learning experience. If you are looking for a way to advance your career through distance learning, check out the programs offered by SMU-DE.


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