Landing a new job often comes with mixed feelings of excitement and fear. While it is a stepping stone in your professional life, it is not advisable to embark upon such an important journey without any preparation.
Your MBA distance learning course may have prepared you well for the challenges to be thrown at you in your professional life. However, it helps to take the extra effort of making a good first impression on your reporting manager and your colleagues.
Starting a new role is anything but easy. Being unsure of what to expect, along with the first day jitters is common. Just remember, that everyone in your organization was a new employee to begin with, if that helps!


Let us make it simple for you with these five tips that will ensure a smooth start at your new job:


1.Take initiative and be prepared


Even after the interviews are over, the stress that comes with the first few days is almost as challenging. To prepare your body and mind for the overload of information and responsibilities that the first day comes with, it is important to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for work.


It is also important to show initiative right from the start to be recognized as a go-getter and a team player. Showing up early and staying back late will ensure this. Use the extra time to read up on company laws, organize your work space, and think of thoughtful questions for the next day.


2. Dress the part


It is important to dress right during your initial days at work, if not always. While meeting new colleagues, you would want to seem professional, polished and confident. Looking the part is also an amazing confidence booster. The interview process usually dawns light on acceptable office attire.


3. Listen well and ask questions


 To be recognized as a person with initiative and promise, it is imperative to be alert and on your toes from the first day. It is advisable to carry around a notepad and take down important points as you go about your first day. Doubts about organizational processes and systems should be jotted down and cleared as well. This shows that you have an open mind and that you’re eager to be engaged with your working environment. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness; rather, it is a portrayal of your desire to improve.

4. Be a team player


After edging out the competition and landing your dream job, it is now time to be a team leader. It is important to be seen as a team player right from the start, so make sure you accept invitations to after work get-together, coffee and lunch. Also be aware of your surroundings, your teammates and try to converse and mingle as much as you can.

5. Get the basics right


Sometimes you might feel ready enough to dive into a new project, but it’s imperative to get the basics right first. Seasoned employees and staff members can often forget small details during the employee induction. Ask how the hierarchy is structured, who to report to, and the general lay of the land.

Apart from these points, make sure not to let your guard down. Always be alert and willing to go the extra mile to make a good impression.


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