Once you finish your distance learning course, be it an MBAM.Sc. or BCA, you may feel that nothing is going to hold you back from becoming the next greatest CEO. However, when you start working and the reality hits you, the climb to the top may appear a lot harder than you once thought. 


You may start losing hope when you see the number of people ahead of you, waiting for a promotion just like you, but don’t worry. We have a few handy tips for you to get that promotion you deserve. 



1. Excel in your current role




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It’s important that you give your best at the job. It does not mean you’ll automatically get promoted, but it’s necessary if you want to be considered. Accept any task that’s given to you. You may stay beyond work hours to complete tasks to the best of your abilities. Your boss and peers will surely notice your efforts and you’ll soon get the recognition you seek.



2. Get noticed





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There’s no point of doing a good job and hiding in the shadows. Let yourself be seen and heard, without having to shout about your achievements. Make sure that those around you know who you are, where you see your career going and what you’re willing to do to achieve those goals. You need to let the senior management know that you’re looking to move up; the more you remind them, the more likely it is that they’ll keep you in mind during the next appraisal cycle.



3. Have a mentor





It’s a good idea to get one or more mentors to guide you. One mentor from within your company and one who is in the same industry, but outside your company. A mentor will be able to advise and support you. He/she can also recommend you to the higher management.



4. Be positive and create an impression





Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Positive


The bond that you share with your colleagues is just as important as your work. Your boss is more likely to notice you if you have a positive attitude, are well-liked by your colleagues and help others grow. Take part in after-office group activities, even if it means weekend cricket matches. This will show your boss how you handle issues outside the office and your ability to lead.



5. Create opportunities




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If you notice that your organisation does not have enough opportunities for you to grow, create them. Look for better ways to do your job and see if you can turn them into a new position. Talk to your management, tell them your idea, you have nothing to lose. You should also keep an eye open for Internal Job Postings available with your company.


Remember, the opportunities are endless, you need to do your best and the rest will follow. Don’t lose hope if you miss out on the first round of appraisals, Stick to your plan, develop a basic set of management skills, work hard, and an opportunity will arise in time.


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