This is the millennial generation, where learning to be your own boss is the latest trend. We are in the midst of creative ingenuity and surrounded by visionaries who lay importance on the work-life balance rather than monetary compensation.


This digital era redefines the purpose of job security, seeking opportunities to assert artistic freedom and independence, which in turn has revolutionized job prospects, giving rise to an opinionated and unconventional bunch.


5 out-of-the-box jobs to try


Any job that does not give permanent financial security or isn’t 9-5 is considered unconventional. However, today’s generation is willing to take greater risks and invest in new experiences. If you are tired of being advised to take the same old career road and want to try something different, these five unconventional career options will probably appeal to you:-


1) Bloggers and vloggers


Every successful vlogger or blogger has one common factor – it is their consistency to deliver high-quality videos or informative blogs. If you wish to start a channel or blog soon, note down the ideas that hit you during the day, research well, make a weekly schedule and deliver on time. Know your strengths and work around that. Every tip or concept you share should be engaging and relatable to the audience.


The main part of having a blog or channel is not only to increase your followers, but to enjoy what you create. If you’re not looking to be a full-time blogger or YouTuber, make this your favorite hobby, gain exposure and earn some money on the side. It takes patience and effort to gain traction, but once you do, don’t be surprised at the number of doors it can open.


2) Freelance writers


This has become a lucrative field due to rise in startups and the expanding online marketplace. Opportunities are ample even for freshers since companies are always looking for creative writers, editors, copywriters, proof readers, etc. In the beginning, freelance for free to build networks, gain experience and ultimately generate more leads in the future. Fair knowledge of Digital Marketinglike Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media is a bonus.


3) Photographers and videographers


Through distance learning, you can pursue a separate degree or take up a correspondence coursein photography or film making. Choose your specialization (Weddings, Fashion, Wildlife, Sports, etc) and a media platform (Print/Electronic/Digital Media). Slowly develop proficiency and build your personal brand. Showcasing your work online or entering contests can earn you recognition.


4) Social media manager


Most companies look for young, quick-witted individuals to handle their clients’ social media accounts. To convey your message effectively, you need to understand digital marketing and have some ability to design and write. You should strategize content to increase the overall brand awareness and customer engagement. There are abundant openings for those looking to make a career online.


5) Hair stylists and makeup artists


Today, the need to look glamorous means a huge demand for hair stylists and makeup artists. Many institutes provide full-fledged courses, open to all. If you have even the slightest interest, start by reviewing hair or makeup products, build a niche market, connect with other stylists, attend workshops, work part time or practice styles on friends. Convert all this knowledge into creating a business of your own one day. Your customers will reflect your panache and persona.


Apart from sharing your services online, customers’ reviews may be the most powerful tool to boost a business. You can even work as a consultant at reputed fashion and beauty firms in India.


If you currently have a steady job, attempt any one of these jobs as a passionate hobby. If you’re looking to break from your mundane job, which of these career options would you pursue?


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