We Indians are obsessed with the game of cricket because it’s much more than just a game for us. In fact, cricket teaches us many valuable life lessons like becoming a good leader, dealing with success and failure, and so on. Did you also notice that it has a lot of advice for us that we can use in our career as well? Here are a few examples –


  1. 1. Inspired decisions


Most people tend to play it safe, especially when it comes to work. However, cricket has taught us that sometimes taking an inspired decision could lead to a well-deserved victory. When Ganguly decided to promote V. V. S. Laxman to one-drop in the test against Australia in 2001 no one understood his decision. However, it changed things around in India’s favour and we’re grateful he did it.


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  1. 2. Ignoring criticism


Ganguly’s advice to Rahul Dravid was not to worry about what people wrote about him. Leaders like him accept that criticism is just a part of the job and you shouldn’t let it bring you down. If you worry about what other people think of you or what they will say, you will always shy away from making tough, but right decisions.



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  1. 3. Consistent high performance


In cricket and in life, we always need to bring our ‘A’ game. When your work environment is as competitive as it is, being replaced or forgotten is a real possibility. The only way to stay on the top is to perform well consistently.


Looking at cricket, for example, a captain is ready to swap players based on their performance and not on their seniority in the team. A swap can mean better overall performance, which is what all companies and teams look for. So if you are pursuing your studies via a correspondence course or distance-learning programs, do ensure that you stay focussed and achieve good grades consistently



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  1. 4. Perform under pressure


If cricketers would crumble because of the billion fans watching them, no game would go well. Cricketers focus on the task ahead and do not let outside pressure get the better of them. Just like them, we too need to drown out the workplace pressure and power through the tasks given to us.


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  1. 5. Bigger picture


While playing cricket you always need to stay one step ahead of your opponents. You need to be able to predict their moves and figure out what advantage they intend to get out of it. Looking at the bigger picture often helps you analyse, modify and plan for unforeseen issues and this works both on the cricket field as well as at work.



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  1. 6. Team spirit


When the Indian Cricket team plays a match, they do it for the country. It’s a team effort that gets positive results, and this is what we should keep in mind while working too. It’s not only about meeting your targets, but about the goal of the team. It can be done when you work well in a team.



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So if you’re pursuing your distance learning course, keep these pointers in mind. These tips along with your MBABCABBA or MCA degree will help you excel in a work environment.


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