Millennials are well educated, self-confident, purpose-driven and bring with them a set of ideas and skills different from previous generations. Despite the advent of technology, educational degrees, distance learning programs and correspondence courses, millennials may face a hard time getting hired. A recent survey by a recruiting firm, Adecco found that part of the reason millennials struggle to land a reasonable job is due to their inexperience in job interviews.


Tips to nail an interview


If you just finished your MBA distance from recognized university or BBA course, this would be the right time to learn how to win big in an interview. Below are 7 tips to consider:-


1)  Wear appropriate attire


The top mistake made by the millennial generation today is showing up in a casual outfit. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt displays lack of effort. Dressing the part gives a clear message to recruiters that you’re genuinely interested. Even before the interview starts, recruiters often form an impression merely based on your attire. So, make a positive statement by dressing professionally and avoid wearing anything distracting.


2) Shut off technology


Millennials have a habit of gluing themselves to their phone. When you’re trying to kill time before an interview, you’re probably replying to a text or browsing social media. However, you don’t want a potential employer to catch you playing with your phone. The best option is to keep it away and read a book or solve a crossword. This conveys a productive image.


3) Come prepared


Millennials are so caught up pursuing their personal goals that they often fail to recognize the importance of studying company goals. Before appearing for an interview, it is important to prepare for it. Do basic research about the company and the role for which you’re applying. Figure out whether the role matches your qualifications. Knowledge about the company makes a big impression on the recruiter and avoids making you look stumped.


4) Ask questions


Your research about the company can help you generate meaningful questions and may even control the direction of the conversation. Asking intelligent questions indicates a positive interaction and shows enthusiasm towards the job. Avoid asking questions related to salary or compensation during the first interview meeting.


5) Carry confidence


To nail an interview, you should keep in mind the level of confidence you carry. Remember to pause and think before answering. Never brag about your qualifications, you don’t want to come off as overconfident. Take note of your body language, the manner of speaking and facial expressions, which are all signs of confidence.


6) Check your social media pages


Recruiters often check your social media profiles so scan your accounts to make sure there’s no content that would be considered inappropriate or controversial by potential employers. Create an unforgettable LinkedIn profile. This will help during a background check. Also, don’t forget to expand your network, which may even land you your next job.


7) Follow-up


It is always professional to send an email the next day to thank the recruiter for their time along with a brief summary stating your interest in the job. It’s the effort that will make a lasting statement.


Bottom Line


There are a lot of things going against us in the current job climate, but don’t let that stop you from learning how to be professional, sharpening your skills and acquiring new knowledge. With these tips in mind, you will certainly make a strong impression. Good luck!


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