Do you realise how easy it is to take on freelance projects to make some extra cash in today’s age? You have several options to begin as a freelancer, which can be done while pursuing your distance education course. Although it might seem easy, there are certain things to keep in mind while freelancing. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to freelance like a pro.


  1. Create the right environment



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A designated workspace always helps to get your mind working and focused. Be it just a desk or a co-working workspace, you need to know the difference between home and work. A space that allows you to be creative and yet keeps you focused will help you hit deadlines faster and will increase your overall productivity.



  1. Getting projects




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Now that you’ve settled on a space, you need to get some work coming in. It’s not always easy to get high paying clients as a fresher. Start with pro bono for NGOs or even small family businesses while focussing on building a strong portfolio. You also need to have a clear idea of what your business is about, your style and your overall business model. Once these two things are set in place, it’ll be easy for you to sell your business.



  1. Marketing your business



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Unlike an office, you need to work hard to get projects. Use social media to promote your work, build your brand, and create a strong web presence. Post your successful accomplishments and request clients to leave positive feedback on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even your own company website. Nothing can sway a potential client your way more than a good review.



  1. Offer more than one skill



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If you need to stand out, you need to offer your clients more than just one speciality. If you can offer design along with content or content along with photography etc. you are adding value to your service. Try to enhance your skills through distance learning courses, they will give you the flexibility you require to freelance and learn at the same time. If you can’t offer so much to your clients at the start, you can even outsource your work to other freelancers.



  1. Get a mentor



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A mentor can guide you and help you take the steps you need to grow your business. You’ll see that you can save a lot of time avoiding silly mistakes if you have an experienced person to advise you.


  1. Legal issues



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Most of us hate getting into the boring aspects of business such as finances and legal procedures, but they might become the factors causing your downfall. While looking at legal aspects you need to be careful about contracts, intellectual property, deliverables, payment terms, taxes and so on. It’s always advisable to get help from professionals so that your business is safe.


  1. Finances



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You need to constantly check how much money you’re making. Check if you’re making enough to get by and ensure that you’re commanding the amount you deserve. Keep track of all your invoices, payments, and taxes. If you are having trouble dealing with your finances, get an accountant to help you.


Follow these tips and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with!



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