All of us have worked in teams at some point, either in college or at work. Ever noticed how every team has one team leader and one slacker? The former is driven and committed to get work done while the latter barely makes any contribution. The path you choose to follow will influence your individual growth and point your career in a certain direction.


How to be a competent team player at work?


Strong team players are the backbone of every successful company. A valuable part of your job will involve working with teammates, which means making an individual commitment towards a team goal. Here are seven crucial ways to become a great team player:-


  1.    1.Play to your strengths


 Figure out a valuable role you can offer. It could be researching, organizing, presenting, and so on. Defining and identifying your strength allows you to attain job satisfaction and ensures an increase in team productivity. Successful teams take the project forward by combining their strengths.

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      2. Understand the objective


 To become a great team player, you need to comprehend the team goal. Also, be clear about the role of each team member, budget, deadline, etc. This way, your goals can be consistent with that of your team and you can perform to your full potential.


      3. Communication is the key


 The only way to achieve your team objective is through clear and effective communication. If you want to rock at being a team player, you need to be actively involved with your group. Expressing your opinion in an honest yet respectful manner is always better than sitting silently over the issues.


Another form of effective communication is to listen actively. When others disagree with your idea, consider what they have to say instead of arguing or interrupting them.


      4. Meet deadlines


 Plan a schedule and set deadlines. Staying committed to producing quality work within your deadlines will earn you respect. If you’re consistent with meeting your commitments, others can count on you to be a reliable team member.


       5. Adapt quickly


 If goal changes or people leave the team midway, look at such changes as opportunities to grow. The best team players don’t complain, but adapt by changing the way they work so that their team can benefit. Consider different points of view and compromise when needed.  Being flexible in varied work conditions can be a valuable skill in a fast paced workplace


      6. Do more than you’re asked for


 Stay up a bit late to help your team members, solve problems, come up with more ideas than required or take up more responsibilities. If you want to set yourself apart from others, step out of your comfort zone or take more risks. Do more than the bare minimum. This will certainly make a notable impression on your team mates as well as boss.


       7. Attitude matters


 Offering positive feedback or maintaining an optimistic attitude during adverse times can help your team stay driven and productive. Know when to be serious and when to cut loose. Be part of creating a fun yet motivated environment where sharing information becomes easy.




You need to put the team’s objectives ahead of yours and commit to sticking to deadlines. So whether you are pursuing a course in MBA or BBA degree, your ability to communicate well, adapt to challenges, go the extra mile, support team members, and stay positive will help you stay ahead in your career and evolve as a team player.


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