Was 2018 a year filled with unwanted ‘bouncers’ for you? Or were your efforts not ‘swinging’ to the desired direction? Then don’t lose heart. Because the pitch has been re-laid in 2019 for you to succeed. Indeed, it is a new chance for you to shine, and so to give you the motivation you need to thrive, let us inspire you with the incredible tale of Mohammed Shami.



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Struggle is the stepping stone to success

Shami was born in Amroha (U.P.) with 4 siblings. 3 of his brothers wanted to be fast-paced bowlers, and that’s where he picked up the passion for the game.
However, he came from humble beginnings, but his father, Tousif Ali, did not want him to miss out on his dream. Thus, he would put aside his own struggles and take Shami to a cricket coaching class nearly 22 kms away from their village.
It was there that the career of this talented bowler started. He went from strength to strength and soon ended up playing for Dalhousie Cricket Club to Bengal Under-22 for Bengal.


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Never give up


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Shami made his international debut in 2013 against Pakistan. Subsequently, his good work in other formats had got him a good position in the bowling line up for team India. His performance in the 2015 World Cup was lauded as he finished his World Cup journey with 17 wickets.


However, there is one thing most fans don’t know about that cricket season. Shami suffered from an incredible pain in his knees throughout the tournament. But because of his passion for the game, he did not want to break the momentum of his team by leaving early. Thus, he continued playing with the pain and proved that the determination to prove oneself can overcome any obstacle.


What followed was a series of mishaps, injuries, and scandals that took a toll. But Shami was not the one to stay down for too long. Once he came back, he was in form and played 10 out of 11 Test matches that India played against England, West Indies and Australia. Strong spirited individuals like him are the benchmarks for the Indian cricket team, and it is little wonder that he is now the backbone of our bowling attack.


Pursuing a correspondence course related to MBA or BBA and finding it hard to grasp some concepts? Just remember to keep persevering. Put in the hard work and your effort will be rewarded in due time.


Rise from the negativity


Shami’s tale is not only a story of grit and ambition, but also a player’s need to relate to his game. He was accused of match fixing by his wife, who said that he received unaccounted money from a Pakistani woman, but these charges were proved to be false.


Despite all this, Shami never loses his desire to play the game which he loves so much. He takes these setbacks as stepping stones towards cementing his place in the team. The lesson here is to believe in yourself and focus on your own game, and not what other people say.


What can you take away from this story to succeed this year? It is the faith in your dream and in your ability. If you start to fail, you need to sharpen and polish that ability until you start to see progress. No one made it in this world by sitting on their laurels. Neither should you!



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