For 28 years between 1928 and 1956, the Indian hockey team terrorized every other hockey-playing nation, and created a formidable reputation for itself. During those 28 years, which were also known as the golden age of hockey in India, we won 6 consecutive gold medals at the Olympics. India had also won two more gold medals at the Olympics in 1964 and 1980, taking India’s overall tally to 8.


The golden era


It is only natural that whenever Olympics are around the corner, everyone looks up to the Indian hockey team to get a medal. The performances showed by the legends in the past have forever created a wave of optimism among Indians when it comes to this sport. One of India’s most famous victories, the one against Britain in 1948, is being turned into a movie by Akshay Kumar. ‘Gold’ traces the journey of India’s first gold medal after becoming an independent nation.


Pages from the diaries of history, such as the 1948 victory, serve as memorable incidents that students pursuing distance education courses should learn from. These moments teach invaluable lessons in perseverance, dedication, and hard work.


  1.Never give up


This incident took place during the 1936 Olympics, when India was playing against West Germany. The German goalkeeper was rather aggressive, and collided with Major Dhyanchand when the latter was attacking. As a result, Maj. Dhyanchand lost a tooth.

mage result for Indian hockey team 1936


Source: wikimedia


Despite the pain, bleeding, and lack of medical facilities, Maj. Dhyanchand did not get deterred. He came back on the field, and showed his wizardry by constantly taking the ball into the German half and coming back into his own, thereby frustrating the Germans. When the time came, he scored a few goals, and India won the finals.



Distance degree courses in fields like MBA or MCA may be tough and may leave you feeling exasperated at times. But the key is to never give up, and keep going.


2.Take chances when the time comes


India was ruled by the British colonialists for over 150 years. We suffered humiliation and suffering at their hands. Once India became an independent nation, the hockey players took it upon themselves to show the British what Indians are capable of.


During the 1948 Olympics, the Indian hockey players used all their prowess to defeat Britain 4-0 in the finals. It was an emphatic victory, and left the British biting the dust.


mage result for Indian hockey team 1936

Source: thetimes


Always wait for the right time, but when it comes, do everything to ensure that you’re not letting it pass away.


3.Master your field of work


During one of the Olympics, Major Dhyanchand was surprisingly missing the goal by a small margin. He alleged that the goal post was a wee bit smaller than the standard size. On inspection, the referee found that that was indeed the case!


mage result for major dhyan chand

Source: cloudfront


Only a master of his art could decipher this minor glitch. Just like Major Dhyanchand, excellence will follow you only if you master your field of work by preparing for and understanding every detail meticulously! So, if you want to make it big as an entrepreneur or a business leader someday, make sure you give it your all in your correspondence course!


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