Preparing for exams isn’t easy, especially for distance education students. They have to juggle their personal/professional commitments along with their studies! However, distance learners are a different lot and it is difficult to bog them down, just like the latest superhero to hit the block – Black Panther.




The blockbuster film has many inspiring and relatable lessons that can be applied to up your exam game. Here’s how:


1.Be thoroughly prepared


Black Panther is considered the eighth most intelligent person in the entire Marvel Universe. Owing to this intelligence, Black Panther is far-sighted regarding forthcoming menaces and challenges and doesn’t wait until it’s too late.


As a distance education student preparing for exams, you should start early to stay ahead. By starting early you get time to thoroughly study every chapter. Make sure you are well-acquainted with all the concepts.


2.Group study


It will be unfair to say that it was Black Panther all the way who saved Wakanda. His dedicated and talented team played an equal part in his success. While Okoye held the enemies at bay with her spear, Shuri invented the super suit for Black Panther to boost his powers.


As students, group studying not only encourages everyone to study hard, it also allows you to learn tough concepts that you can’t understand on your own. Your study friends can help you out and save a lot of time in such situations. It’s also fun to learn and test each other out after every lesson to fuel your competitive spirit. Irrespective of whether you are pursuing a distance education course in Mumbai or a correspondence course in Bangalore, you can always take help from your family and friends. They could set up a surprise quiz for you or help you remember important concepts with a touch of fun or familiarity in it.


3.Practice makes perfect


Every superhero has to put in insane amounts of practice before getting ready for action. Black Panther is a master strategist and he makes sure that when the going gets tough, he is ready to get going!


The trick is to practice past papers and time them strictly. It will help you understand the right way to approach the questions, manage your time, and properly structure your answers.





4.Continuous improvement


T’Challa’s (Black Panther) little sister Shuri, said, “Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.”  Even though you are done preparing for exams, don’t be overconfident.


Revise your exam topics thoroughly before the exams and don’t leave the exam hall early. Make sure you go over what you’ve written, double-check all of your answers, review your spellings and rewrite any incomprehensible, hurriedly-scribbled words.


5.Stay calm


Whether taking down a charging rhino or decapitating an army of robots, Black Panther can take up any challenge thrown at him with a pinch of a salt. The key to this ability is staying cool in adversity. He explains this in the movie with his quote…


“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.”


Source: iamamommynerd


Similarly, sometimes question papers can be relatively tough. Don’t panic. If a question paper appears difficult, start with the questions you can answer easily and later attempt the tougher ones.


Don’t let exam anxiety bowl you over


Exam time can be stressful, but don’t let exam fever take over and make you nervous. Whether you are a student of MBA in Finance or any other stream, make sure you study small portions at a time, give yourself regular break from studies, and eat as well as rest well.


With these small yet significant tips, you are sure to prepare well for your exams by eliminating stress and adding confidence to ace in all of your exams.


Best of luck!


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