As a stay-at-home mom, does the thought of going back to work after a long break make you nervous? You need not be. All you need is the right advice and the ability to make the right decisions. These steps might help in doing so.


Step 1 – Why do you want to go back to work?


Your reason to start working again may vary from the need to gain a sense of purpose to make more money. Once you figure out why you’re going back to work, it’s easier to find work you don’t mind doing. If you’re doing it for passion or purpose, a more fulfilling or less challenging job fits best. If you’re doing it for the money you might want to go back to your old job or find something that pays even better!


Step 2 – What do you like about the job you chose?


If you worked in PR, it might be hard to get a job after a long break as your regular contacts may no longer be where you expect them to be! Instead, take what you like about the job and make it your own. If you like working with people, consider doing a course in psychology, counselling, or a related field. This will help you fuel your passion for working with people, without making you feel out of place in PR.


Step 3 – Brush up on your skills


Going for an interview can be nerve-wracking, so can handling your first issue on the job or dealing with a difficult boss. This is why you’ll need to prep for these situations. Practise dealing with such situations. Read up descriptions of the jobs that interest you and take up certification courses. These courses will equip you with all the skills required for the job you want.


Step 4 – Make good contacts


It’s easier to get a job through a referral, not just for a stay-at-home mom, but for everyone! So get the word out there, let your friends, family and old colleagues know what you’re looking for. Post an updated resume on LinkedInsearch on Facebook and other social media platforms for a broader reach.


Step 5 – Be ready for a change


You may have to make a few adjustments. You might have to settle for a lower salary or designation. Your reporting manager may even be younger to you. Once you’re fine with this, you’ll experience less friction and resentment towards those you work with.


Let us know what your biggest fear is about getting back to work in the comments below.




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