Wait! They are all Sloths?’ Remember Lt. Judy Hopps’ expression from the movie Zootopia when she hurls this rhetorical question? She is all set to raise the curtain on one of the biggest mysteries in her city, but these sloths come to her as a shock.


Slow in speaking, slow in reacting and most importantly slow in typing, Judy knew it would be a snowball chance in a hot place to get information out of them. Well, it’s a reel life and the filmmakers fast forwarded the scene to make everything a walk in the park for viewers. But unfortunately, there is no Fast Forward button in real life.


So, if you’re slow at typing, either be prepared to give yourself an identity of a sloth or follow the below-mentioned tips, tools and techniques for a blazing typing speed.


  • Familiarize yourself with the keyboard:


The first and foremost tip is to take a sentence or a few words and keep typing them again and again. This will help you get familiar with the keyboard and is an indispensable milestone in the journey towards increasing your typing speed. Every keyboard has a different “feel” to it which affects typing speed to a great extent.


  • Sit correctly, for posture matters:


Lying on the sofa or leaning on the recliner never made excellent writers. Not only for rookies but also for typing wizards, wrong posture could hamper typing speed. Sit straight in front of your screen with the keyboard placed just in front of you on the table and start practicing.


  • Don’t take a peek of the keyboard:


In the beginning, this tip will result in a plethora of mistakes but eventually your mind will learn the position of the keys and instruct your fingers to hit the right ones. In case, you can’t keep yourself from ogling at the keyboard, DAS KEYBOARDS are the way to go.


These keyboards have keys without any alphabets or numbers printed on them. Thus, this gadget literally forces you to learn to type without looking at the keyboard.


  • Indulge in typing competitions and games online:


If you want to test your typing speed or want to be “The Flash” of typing, look for typing competitions or typing games online. There are a plethora of websites that allow you to plunge into such exercises, thereby helping you improve your typing speed. For instance, 10fastfingers.com offers typing test, typing competition, etc. to brand you as a rapid typist.



  • It’s all about practice


Typing for an hour and not practising again for ages won’t bear any fruit. Continuous practice is very much essential if you wish to master the keyboard and have a blazing typing speed.


To cut boredom, don’t take an excerpt from a book to type. Transforming hard copy to a soft one while practicing typing is not a good idea to start with. Instead, type out a favorite poem of yours, or a story or anything that you know by heart.



Let Spelling Rule Over Speling


It’s all about accuracy, and avoiding the typos. A person typing 120 words per minute with the same number of errors is not faster than an individual who types 60 words with 1 or 2 errors. Also, before banging the keyboard in anger for not matching your speed target, remember that speed will eventually come with practice.


Your Turn


What are some of the methods you’ve used to improve your typing speed? Share them with us in the comment section.


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