2017 is going to be a productive year for sure. What makes us say that? Well, we have two job fairs lined up for you in the very first month of the year. Talk about a productive start! Here’s more about our upcoming job fairs:


  • SMU-DE has lined up two job fairs for you early next year – 8th January in Mumbai job fair and 22nd January in Delhi job fair
  • 20 established companies will be participating in the fair looking for fresh talent
  • 700-1000 students are expected to be a part of these fairs
  • The job fair will be open to both our current students and as well as recent alumni.


It will be a 1-day event where the first half will be exclusively reserved for SMU-DE students. In the 2nd half, other interested job-seekers will also be allowed to participate.


In case you have not registered for our job fairs yet, here is your chance.


Mumbai –  Register Now!


Delhi – Register Now!


Carry at least 30 copies of your resume along with a soft copy of the same!


Job fairs are a great place to grab a job opportunity in your field of specialisation at an established firm. The advantage is that job fairs present a plethora of opportunities due to a large number of participating companies. The hard part is that they also attract a large number of participants, which means intense competition. You need to do more than just show up to walk away with a job offer. Here are a few points that might help you do just that.


  1. Devise a plan for the day


Doing some pre-event research is important. Are there any special talks or sessions being conducted by the companies coming in for recruitment? You don’t want to miss these sessions if they’re being conducted by one of your preferred companies.


Also, make sure you check out the layout of the job fair venue. Find out where the booths of your target companies are located. Remember, the venue’s going to be crowded and time plays a crucial role here.


Lastly, chart out how you’re going to spend your day. Try and create an agenda. First list out the booths you definitely want to visit and the companies you wouldn’t mind talking to. Then check where their booths are located and chart out a roadmap for yourself along with tentative timelines. This will help ensure you don’t spend too much or too little time at the booths. If you have time left at the end of the day, you can always use this time to visit the booths you had initially identified as the ones you ‘wouldn’t mind visiting’.


  1. Take Multiple Copies of Your Resume


This one’s obvious, but we HAD to reiterate its importance. It doesn’t end with multiple copies. You need to go there with a resume that’ll stand out from the rest. If you’re carrying multiple copies of your resume, so are others. Since recruiters don’t spend more than 15-10 seconds on a resume, try and carry a single page resume that encapsulates all your qualifications, skills, experience and interests. Your resume needs to be visually-appealing. Nobody likes to read a shabby unformatted resume. You can easily find a nice looking resume template online.


  1. Prepare for Interviews


Prepare a 30-second sales pitch of yourself. There will be numerous recruiters and hundreds of applicants; that means you’ll get a short time slot to make an impression on the recruiters. The 30-second spiel should cover:


  1. The opportunity you’re looking for
  2. Your qualifications
  3. Why she/he should consider you, ie. the unique skills you bring to the table


  1. Follow-up With All Key Recruiters


Following up is the key. It shows interest and commitment from your end. Make sure you grab the visiting cards of all the recruiters you speak to. A day or two after the job fair, send an email to the recruiter with a summary of your conversation as well as a soft copy of your resume. This will help formalise your application and also solidify you as a potential candidate in the recruiters’ mind. If you see no movement on your application, you can also follow-up your email with a quick phone call to remind them about your email.


You can try out these tips at some of the job fairs SMU-DE has lined-up for you. Good luck!



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