LinkedIn has been helping the folks of the C-world to strengthen their network. It is also a great and convenient portal for all organizations looking to fill their vacant positions. 


However, LinkedIn is immensely popular among job-seekers. They get to interact with the recruiting professionals of their dream company, find out whether or not there is a vacancy and even leverage the potential of the platform to bag a job. However, finding a job through LinkedIn is easier said than done, especially if you are NOT using it like a pro.


Here are amazing yet effective tips to use LinkedIn like a pro to find a job.


Avoid the Black Hole of Death


It is essential to find the hiring manager of the company that you are targeting for a job. However, LinkedIn is a place where people may have all kinds of job titles, which are not necessarily easy to sift through. To find a hiring manager, look for the ‘Advanced People Search Feature.’ Once you find this search bar, fill your target company’s name and the most likely ‘title’ of the concerned hiring manager.


For instance, if you are a marketing expert, then look for a company’s marketing director or vice president of marketing. Once you get the name, send your resume to that person. When you find the right person, you skip the black hole of death.


Break Your Monotonous and Mundane Profile


If you have a LinkedIn profile that merely talks about the chronology of jobs held, the name of, let’s say, your distance education university or the distance education courses that you pursued, then it’s time for a profile makeover.


Spice up your profile by updating it with elements such as your best PowerPoint presentation, a video featuring a session related to your niche, etc. You do get a status update feature in your profile. Keep on updating it regularly with engaging yet relevant content. All in all, don’t miss out the branding power of a well-built LinkedIn profile.


Don’t Wait for The Opportunity to Knock. Just Keep the Door Open!


If you are tired of ‘stalking’ recruiting professionals on LinkedIn, then there is an amazing feature offered by this platform called – Groups. You could find industry-specific groups, job type groups, entry level groups, etc. Be a part of as many groups as you can, because the more you get involved, the more your visibility improves. This is so because there are a plenty of recruiters who often follow group discussions and viewpoints put forward in a group by the group members in an attempt to spot the right talent. So if the job doesn’t come to you, make sure that you step in its direction.


Let Your Headline Do the Talking


It’s important to make it easy for the employers to find you. Companies use straightforward keywords to find the right candidates. If your profile headline contains the keyword and search terms that a recruiter is probably going to search for, then nothing can stop your profile from ranking on top of search results. Before writing a headline, keep in mind how recruiters are likely to search or how an employer is likely to come across your profile, etc.


Guerilla Marketing For Yourself


 Here are some itsy-bitsy tips to market yourself on LinkedIn:


  • Do not hesitate to share your phone number and email id.
  • Update your connections with something new and engaging every now and then.
  • Interact and engage with others.
  • Follow your dream companies.
  • Request others to endorse you.
  • Frequently change your profile picture.


Link to a New Job Opportunity through LinkedIn


LinkedIn claims that it connects more than a whopping 300 million members worldwide. It’s the world’s largest professional network on the web. If you are a job seeker who is still learning the art of using LinkedIn like a pro, follow the tips mentioned above carefully.


Do share your own personal tips around using Linkedin for your job search!



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