Bollywood action movies have taught us that a police officer can restore law and order by flexing his biceps and taking matters in his own hands. But have you ever seen a constable who can code an app to empower the entire police department with technology? A super cop who is technologically at the top?



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This may sound like a movie script to you, but it’s the true story of one of the most unique and outstanding students of Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education. Our alumnus, police constable P. Ramulu, has proved that cops are as much about brains as brawn. The forty six year-old learned to code and created two apps named HAWKEYE and HYDCOP. The apps are officially being used by the Hyderabad Police.


No dream is too far away


Does your dream dare you to try things differently? Do you challenge the set norms or play by the book to achieve it?


P Ramulu honed his IT skills in the midst of his career by taking up a distance M.Sc. (Information Technology) from SMU-DE. It certainly wasn’t an easy path, but Ramulu was dedicated and worked hard to earn his degree. Today, he is a source of inspiration not only for the police fraternity, but for anyone of any age to choose education and invest in learning new skills to reach their dreams.


That’s not all. Constable P Ramulu was recently honoured the Mukhyamantri Sarvonnatha Police Medal 2018, revered as the highest medal given to police personnel by the State Government. He was recognized for his notable contribution in updating and digitizing the police department.


From working at a grocery store to winning the nation’s accolade, the dream was never too distant for this super cop who understood the importance of continuous education.


Willingness to learn

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Ramulu’s education was interrupted after joining the service in 1991. But years later, he decided to expand his knowledge and secure a post-graduation degree. While very few think of education after decades of professional service, Ramulu credits his willingness to constantly learn as the reason why a small-town government school student is developing apps for the police department today.


The SMU-DE alumnus is leading the change by setting an example of life-long learning for professionals of his generation, who are often seen struggling with technology at workplace.



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Long journey


Ramulu recalls working in morning and evening shifts at a grocery store to afford fund his education. A self-motivated and organized person by nature, Ramulu showed his potential early by executing four years of pending warrants in just two months. He was soon promoted to Assistant Station Writer.


An opportunity to learn came in 2001 when Ramulu was selected as one of the 400 constables to work for an e-cop project. Ramulu topped the one-week training course and later installed 260 computers in police stations with his team around Hyderabad to digitize the department.


Ramulu’s determination to keep learning was recognized by his seniors who helped him get professional training in Database System Administration, hardware and networking. Often Ramulu would work late into the night and attend study in the daytime to manage his professional and academic commitments.


And that’s one of the biggest advantages of a distance learning course. If you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle with, but still have the thirst for knowledge, distance education is ideal for you.


Give wings to your career with distance education


Ramulu says the idea to develop apps for the police force came while he was trying to manage work and study efficiently. Armed with his most powerful weapons – curiosity and willingness to learn, the super cop wants to employ his IT skills gained from SMU-DE’s distance M.Sc course to help the police department work more efficiently. In his own words, “The department has given me many opportunities and I want to give it my best.”


It’s never too late


Are you putting your dream on the backburner as it requires you to learn new skills? The super cop from Telangana is a living proof of how upskilling can help you shape your career and achieve your dreams. Distance education permits professionals at any stage of their career to upgrade their skills without taking a break from their job. Distance education programs are designed to help you study at your own pace and place, so make the most of them.


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