It is important to be in the good books of your boss for the sake of your career. Your boss is the one who keeps those paychecks rolling, puts you up for a promotion and even writes a good reference letter for your next job. However, it’s not easy to get noticed in the corporate world. You may have topped your MBA distance learning course, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to stand out for your work. Below are some of the ways to make a positive impact on your boss that may take you one step closer to becoming the employee of the year.


Being consistent


Consistency in your work, month after month is extremely important if you want to get noticed. However it is a trait that can take time to practice and can be overwhelming at first. Remember, consistency is one of the first things that bosses look for in the employee of the year.


Learning and developing different skills


It means not just mastering the required tools, but taking a step ahead to learn things which are not in your scope of work. Learning different aspects of your organisation may give you an insight into the company as a whole. The more you learn the more valuable you become to the company.


Exhibit a great deal of loyalty


Always display a sense of loyalty towards your organisation and take your work seriously. You should work for the organization first and then for yourself. Always be well behaved and conduct yourself in a professional manner when representing your company.


Be humble and take every criticism as an opportunity to grow


If you have been doing a good job and are being appreciated for it, don’t let that get to your head. Showing humility at work always works in your favor. Being confident is a good thing, but being arrogant about it could work against you.


Always take criticism seriously. Bosses love it when employees take criticism well and work towards improving their performance.


Be punctual


Punctuality is a quality that most bosses look for in their employees. Being late to a meeting or to work reflects poorly on your work ethics. It may also prevent your boss from relying on you for getting work done on time.


Be a problem solver


The difference between a good employee and a great employee is initiation. A good employee might recognise the problem, but a great one will go the extra mile and find a solution to it. Your boss probably has a lot on his/her plate. Being proactive and making their life easier is a sure shot way of getting into their good books.

In a nutshell, it is important to make your own mark in the corporate world. If you aren’t ready to go the extra mile to deliver your work to perfection, then you might never be able to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.


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