You cannot afford to be complacent when you aspire to grow rapidly in your career. Growth is not about where you are today, but where you want to be tomorrow. A growth vision is indispensable for your career and equally important is the agile approach that you follow to achieve your vision. To help you get closer to achieving your mission and vision, here are a few tips for you to boost and grow your career by leaps and bounds.


  1. Shatter Your Comfort Zone: Let’s say, instead of opting for the conventional education system, you chose the method of distance education. The moment you did that, you got out of your comfort zone. So, why stay inside your boundaries in the C-World? Go for cross department learning, ask your superior if you could contribute towards the overall company goal by undertaking new tasks. If he/she nods, buckle up to reach to a new height in your professional career!


  1. Adjust your Radar for a Mentor: A coach or mentor is indispensable in every job. And a mentor in your job doesn’t mean someone who provided you with an orientation round or initial training. It is someone who helps you in your daily tasks, helps you in your learning, be with you in every aspect of your job and help you execute your responsibilities with higher efficiency and quality.The mentor could be your boss, your manager or even a co-worker. Under his/her guidance, you’ll see yourself growing in merely a few months.
  1. Networking Is the Key: Irrespective of what your profile is, make sure to interact with as many people as you can, within and outside your organisation. Meet them during lunch time, understand what exactly they are working on, and try to convert your bits and bobs of another department into full-fledged knowledge. Do not restrict your networking only to the in-house team. Converse with clients, third party service providers, or external subject matter experts and so on. When you network, you learn and you come across numerous opportunities that could boost your career growth. In fact, there are various distance education universities that fully understand the significance of networking. Thus, they have introduced various disciplines in their distance learning courses, which focus on building the networking skills of the students.


  1. Go Creative: Involve yourself in creative exercises and tasks that demand you to come up with innovative solutions to problems. When you train your mind to function in a state where it always thinks of out-of-the-box solutions, you can come up with innovative yet practical solutions for all the problems related to your profession/career. Your creative approach and innovative angle to solving challenges can help you grow in your career. As Albert Einstein put it, “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”, you can have “Creativity as intelligence for growth”.


  1. Turn Your Competitive Mode On Friendly competition at the workplace is as necessary as oxygen for humans. When there is a healthy inter-department as well as intra-department competition, it leads to a holistic growth of the organisation and that of the individuals engaged in it. When there is competition, it leads to learning, efficient working and greater productivity. So be a part of such a healthy competition at your workplace.


  1. Assessment: How did you learn that you’ve cleared all your distance learning courses? Well, you appeared for the exams, you performed, your performance was assessed, results were shared with you, and that’s when you realised that you have cleared with flying colours.


It’s the same case when it comes to the professional world. Don’t wait for the appraisal/review to learn about your performance. Book a time slot with your manager or immediate superior and ask him/her to evaluate you. If you wish to see a boost in your growth, assessment and optimisation are vital. Based on the review, optimise your tasks, tweak your responsibilities and witness your growth graph elevate by several notches.


Career Growth: A Blend of Learning and Experience


Professional growth is directly proportional to new learnings and development of various skill sets. When that happens, you become more valuable to your team and in-turn your employer. Incorporate the above tips in your career and let your career grow by leaps and bounds.


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