Making the choice to study while working is a big step. Though education opens up several opportunities, creating the balance between your work and learning can be taxing. You may have to choose between the two and wish that it could be made easier. The courses offered at Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education do exactly that!


SMU-DE strives to make your learning experience wholesome, accessible and easy. The university’s tech-powered learning is an initiative towards achieving this. It helps students who are unable to attend fixed classes and allows them to have a flexible schedule and learn from anywhere.




Tech-powered learning uses easily accessible technology to educate with ease both, online and offline. It keeps the course material handy for the students to learn at any given time and place.



 What are the online options in Tech-powered learning?


EduNxt is an advanced learning platform that creates a virtual classroom experience for the students, where they can learn and interact with experts, professors and their peers. Virtual classrooms are only a small part of EduNxt, which also features small group mentoring, simulation, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing.


EduNxt is progressive, concise and eliminates the challenge of interaction that typically comes with distance education. It helps the students learn better through interactive digital content such as faculty-led instructional videos and animated concepts, and case study videos which are a comprehensive and concise version of the contents of the textbooks. It helps students ask more questions about their course work through subject-wise conferences with the concerned faculty.


Students can also have their doubts and questions clarified by posting them on the EduNxt forum, which can be answered by both teachers and peers, thereby allowing them to create a wide connection.


You can also use the SMU-DE App for registrations, payments, reviews and queries. The app helps you stay connected with the University and aids all your student activities on-the-go.



What are the offline options?


SMU-DE’s courses are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a working professional. The preloaded SD card is the offline option available for Business Administration courses to keep their learning options simple and practical.


The SD card containing all the information about the coursework is provided to the students along with a Samsung tab. This feature eliminates the constant need to carry coursework material, which might hinder the option to learn anywhere. With the preloaded SD card, students can have access to study material at all times. Though it reduces the dependency on an internet connectionfor learning, you can refer to it while online learning as well. It also contains announcements, notifications and quizzes, while prompting students to organize their study work which helps them stay ahead with the various aspects of their program. The preloaded SD card allows students to integrate their education into their daily routine with ease and simplicity.


SMU-DE’s tech-powered learning improves the learning experience of the students. It also allows them to connect to and access their coursework at all times. SMU-DE’s tech-powered learning is a step towards progressive distance education and your professional progress.



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