We all take it as a rule that holiday time is fun time. We tear off the weekly time table sheet sticking on the wall to celebrate free time.

While having a free mind and a don’t-care-a-wit attitude is great, one must remember that on the other side of the holiday season, your next goal as a student awaits.


Holiday spent the most productive way


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For students pursuing a distance education course, discipline and time management are two most important and self-implied qualities. And having an approach that helps you stay super productive each day is the key to attain good grades in your exams. 


So, be it a holiday season or study break, follow our golden mantra for productivity and make your academic life a success story.


5 tips for distance learners for a super productive holiday season


⦁ Plan a schedule and stick to it



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It’s possible that your friends may come and ring your doorbell throughout the day. But by


creating a schedule and sticking to it, you can divide your time into fun and study time. This helps your friends understand at what time they should knock you.


Tip: Denote early morning time for studies as it is a time you can concentrate without


getting disturbed.


⦁ Mix fun with learning 


A famous quote says, teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn. Create quizzes


and fun games about your course subjects and involve your friends in this fun filled learning.


Tip:  You can also follow this process of learning for your future goals. If you are interested


in BBA in Finance or university entrance exams, you can create general knowledge and current affair quizzes and learn with your friends. A little competition is always fun.


⦁ Get a career focus with internships 


Many of us don’t have the time to get a first-hand experience of how it feels to follow a career


of interest. Holidays can offer a unique opportunity to do short term internships and gain experience of how it feels to be in the professional world. 


By spending time with professionals in the field of your interest, you’ll also learn which skills


are important to succeed.


Tip: A vocational course may also offer you a certificate of experience that might turn out

valuable in your career later. 


⦁ Look for inspirations


One of the best ways to make your holiday productive is to watch some inspiring movies.  By


trying this tip out, you can rest your mind and replenish your motivation to work hard for your dream college. So, get the popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy handpicked world cinema to expand your perspective. 


Tip: Watch documentaries from different countries to learn about their culture, values and



⦁ Polish your talent


Lastly, holidays give you an opportunity to work on your talent. You may be good at designing


or writing, you can use holidays to turn your passion into profession. Always wanted to pick up the guitar and play the tunes you love? Now is the best time to find a teacher and get going!


Tip: Many professional distance learning courses in India can help you polish your talent and get the essential certification to create a successful career out of it. 


Re-invent your holiday


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Now armed with these tips, you can reinvent your holidays by turning it into a prep-time for future. You may want to pursue a graduate or post-graduation program during this holiday break. Also, during this time, you can check out for Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education that offers courses in various streams to help aspiring students get the opportunity to continue their study from their home location.  So, make your holidays count this time and groom yourself to have a successful career in the long run.


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