After a highly successful 2018, Virat Kohli has made new beginnings towards even greater heights in 2019. His amazing win over Australia as a captain in the very beginning of the new year is inspiring people to make use the new year as a stepping stone towards success.


Recently, Virat Kohli made cricketing history by winning the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year, as well as the ICC Men's Test Player of the Year and the ICC ODI Player of the Year awards for the year 2018. With his impressive performance last year, the 30-year-old has also been named the captain of ICC's Test and ODI teams of 2018. Kohli has scored 1,322 runs at an average of 55.08 in 13 Tests with five hundred during the calendar year. Even in 14 ODIs, he amassed 1202 runs with an astonishing average of 133.55 with six centuries. He also scored 211 runs in 10 T20s.

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Quite an incredible right? We think so too! So, for today, let’s find out what lessons we can take from this super inspirational athlete to make 2019 a resounding success for you.

Dream big, every single year


The audacious player has always been known for scoring high on the field. He calls his match against Karnataka a turning point when he scored a 90 allowing his team to win. This was the day after his father’s death in 2006 when he was only 18. From this day on, he says, "The way I approached the game changed that day. I just had one thing in my mind - that I have to play for my country and live that dream for my dad."


This single-minded focus got him to play tournaments, which portrayed his skill and his passion for the game. He was lauded for his technique at the crease and was identified as a player with a future in captaincy very early in his career. As a captain, he has been known to be supportive of his players as well as being a taskmaster when the team is not playing at its peak. The younger players look up to him for his unbridled passion for the game. Despite some of his lows where he has been criticized for his temper, he has learned to fuel that excess energy into his game and come out with wins. He even took the step of turning vegan to improve his fitness and overall form, which has shown results ever since he made the change in early 2018.

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Keep challenging yourself


Kohli’s journey so far goes to show that determination and faith can do wonders. The consistent hard work, introspection when things do not go well and the will to make the required changes show how seriously he takes his game. He is known to be someone who plays for the team and never for milestones. His business acquisitions for his post-cricket life also indicate that he is an individual who is very thirsty for success and does not believe in taking life easy. He has invested in projects, businesses, and causes that he is passionate about and which will make a difference in the world.


We should all take a page out of Captain Kohli’s book for inspiration. His journey can be an inspiration for students pursuing a correspondence course so that they can stay motivated throughout the year and do well consistently. Remember, the year has only begun and can only get better!



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