Some of us can walk into an interview and stun the panel with confidence. However, many of us are just like Chandler and Rachel from Friends, who fight the urge to laugh at something the interviewer says or misinterpret their actions. While Phoebe teaches us to fight our natural instincts in an interview, Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness teaches us that the best way to ace an interview would be to turn up in nothing, but a vest and a jacket and be a 100% honest about your intent.


No matter how many movies and television shows you watch, nothing really prepares you for the real thing. Every student, be it a distance education student or otherwise, has to sit through an interview at some point or the other. So you need to make the most of the few minutes that you have to convince the interviewer that you’re the right person for the job.


However, leaving a good impression on the interviewer is easier said than done. So, make sure you avoid these five critical interview No-Nos:


1) Negativity


One of the most important things that many people tend to forget in an interview is the impact that negativity can have on the panelists. Any indication of a negative attitude through subconscious speech and body language can instantly put off an interviewer, and the interview will only go downhill thereon.


2) Getting Overly Personal


Another key factor for a successful interview is restricted personal information. What the interviewers want to know is less about your life’s experiences and more about your personality. While being open is appreciated, rambling about irrelevant personal information is not.


3) Appearing Uninformed


What the employers want to know is how much you know and understand about the company’s working. They love enthusiasm, especially towards their own organization. The chances of a successful interview are definitely higher when do your research and collect relevant information about the company and your role.


4) Being Opinion-Free Or Too Opinionated


Companies like to hire people who can develop and maintain strong opinions by backing them up with facts. Being accommodating and flexible and submissive to the employer only creates a weak, baseless impression of you. Being overly rigid and inflexible also creates a bad impression. You need to master the art of finding the right balance, depending on the panelist.


5) Being Overconfident


As mentioned earlier, employers love a confident interviewee. However, if you cross the line and gloat about your achievements, the interviewer will see it as a red flag. Know when to stop by gauging their reaction and remembering the environment you are present in.


What are some other interview No-Nos that you’ve come across? Leave a comment below and let us know.



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