I am a working woman and this is my story. My alarm rings at exactly 5 am every morning. I don’t have time to waste. A hearty breakfast calls for some time and effort, and so does getting ready for work. Plus, that morning boxing session really keeps me going.



I hope today’s board meeting goes well. I also need to finish my assignment and submit it to my distance education university before the end of the day. I am a proud, confident, working woman of the 21st century who is capable of making a huge difference to my organization.



It is unbelievable that in today’s world, women are still deprived of jobs because of their gender. I have worked over a span of twenty-three years in various organizations and not one of them complained about women being “incapable” or “less capable” than men, for one because we are not. Here are five reasons why women are quite possibly the smartest investment an organization can make.



  1. Women handle stress efficiently


Research shows that women handle stress extremely efficiently. Too many deadlines to meet and too many tasks to cover? No problem. Women can handle that stress.


  1. Women are great at multitasking


In an organization, the role you are assigned is not necessarily the only role you end up doing. Often, you are stuck in a tight situation struggling to finish five different tasks with the same deadline.


In such situations, a woman’s multi-tasking abilities make it much easier for the organization to meet tight deadlines. What’s more, women can also do an amazing job of working and pursuing a distance education course at the same time, and in turn upskilling themselves and raising their team’s overall capabilities.



  1. Women have substantially greater thresholds for pain and a better immune system :   Women have a very reliable immune system and an incredible pain threshold, which means fewer sick days and more work days. Isn’t that a definite bonus to any company? An employee who can work for more days and longer hours definitely means more incentives for the company!


  1. Women are more empathetic


 Employees in any organization have their own set of problems and worries every now and then. These situations must be treated carefully and acknowledged with compassion. In such situations, women make their mark by being understanding, without allowing sentiments to throw everything off course.


  1. Women are amazing leaders


The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics published a research concluding that organizations led by females were largely successful and had great turnovers. Women make fair, compassionate, understanding and trustworthy leaders.




So how can companies capitalize on this? It all starts with the right mindset. If you invest, train and mentor women, it will pay off immensely.




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