Today, the vital skills needed for educational and professional advancement are changing. Learning is not about memorizing facts any more. Today, analysis and decision-making are more important than mere memorization. The diversity and practicality of distance education programshave transformed our approach towards learning. It is, in turn, making learning a much more tangible and meaningful experience.


With a boom in the demand for new skills and a technology, distance learning has evolved into different dimensions, making it the preferred path for higher education.


Use of Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) practices have enhanced our lives by adding virtual computer-generated information to it. It works by layering an interactive image directly on top of a physical reality. AR ensures a different reality for every student enrolled in a distance learning program, thereby offering personal experience & a customized learning environment.



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By incorporating 3D/4D graphics, video, text, etc. into a course, AR learning will spark interaction and creativity among distance learning students. Students will also be able to gain deeper understanding and practical knowledge needed to survive in the real world. If every education system uses AR technologies, more programs will be tailored to suit students, thereby augmenting the future of learning!


Application of game mechanics


Gamification is another important element, which helps in engaging distance learners in their courses. Basically, the ideas and mechanics of a game are integrated into a correspondence course to inculcate a positive and motivating experience.


Here, online courses are designed much like a game to ensure that learners have full control over their course. They can choose assessments, engage in challenges and activities, simulate time limits, unlock modules, display badges, achieve rewards, etc. Game-based learning has rapidly spread all over the world. It is estimated to grow to 2.4 billion dollars by 2018.


Mobile learning


The market for distance learning is sure to expand as mobile technology here to stay. Making mobile learning an indispensable part of distance education will mean supporting a system that encourages ubiquitous learning. In other words, students can learn from any device, any place and at any time. It eliminates a number of learning limitations.


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Mobile learning will enhance communication between a learner and instructor while improving the academic performance of students.


Bottom line


With AR, gamification, and mobile learning there is enormous scope for distance education to grow and transform the future of education!


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